Sony QX100 Food Shots @ Meii Sushi

Alright, so i have in my hands a


Sony Xperia Ultra Z XL

Sony QX100

Sony Xperia Case that allows you to attach the QX100 (How cool is that ??!!!)


You know the food shots that most blogger likes to take ? with all the fanciful bokeh that makes the food looks more delicious than it should be ? Phone cameras does not give you any bokeh at all.

Maybe, you will need a DSLR and a F2.8 lens to achieve that. Or you can use a compact camera and try standing 10meters away from the food, zooming in to get that bokeh, its gives you the same effects maybe but will sure make you look like a weirdo in the restaurant. 🙂

So when Sony came out with this, i thought it solved all my problems. It as an aperture of F1.8 !! It means i no longer have to carry that brick-like DSLR around, i can have pictures posted straight to my phone and whatsapp/facebook them immediately.  HA !!! While the setup does achieve its objectives, it does have its drawbacks, nothing is perfect !

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 09

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 10

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 11

Ta da !!! Assembled and it looks… looks huge in my hands…..hahaha. Am not sure how to describe it but if you think people taking pictures with their iPad are weird, you should try this. At the end, its better to use it with an iPhone or Android phone thats has a screen size of less than 5 inches. There’s a separate attachment you can use which hooks it to the phones.

The first drawback is the startup time. You need to turn on the camera, go to the app and wait for it to connect. Next, after you take a picture, it needs to record and send it to the phone, which freezes the screen for a good 3 seconds. Patience is needed with this fella.

How did the pictures turn out ? Most importantly, hows the bokeh ?

Some of the pictures are cropped, edited and saturated.

But hey, i am not complaining about the extra work, it achieves the objective of having Bokeh. Now my food looks better.

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 01

Chef Hong knows my favourite. Humongous pieces of Uni, with half boiled egg and seaweed, mixed in a special cocktail sauce called “drive me nuts”.

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 02

No one cuts sashimi like him……thick and rough

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 03

“Whats this I am eating ?”

“Don’t ask, just eat” He said. (See the Bokeh of the shell head)

Its only after a little probing that he tells me that its called “Kuri Ebi”

Tried googling that and it tells me that Kuri Ebi is some kind of bondage used during sex games.

Me : “?????…….??????”

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 04

Engawa. Does it have to be like this ? *Heavenly

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 05

Mirugai – Crunchy and Sweet.

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 06

Popping Sake infused Ikura Sushi.

Chef Hong is an interesting fella. You never know what is up his sleeve. The man has so much treasures and I am a sucker for such things. If you tell me that the food is hard to find, you need to call up beforehand to order, I’ll die for it. 🙂

But then its only with Chef Hong that you get to know, learn and eat at the same time.

Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 07 Sony QX100 x Meii Sushi 08

I was done by the time he whips out this piece of Hon Maguro belly.

“You see that part with the darker colours ?” I can make a wonderful tuna char siew with it. Already reserved by another customer….”

“What !!!!! ???? Why did you tell me only now, you should have told me from the start !!”




“So that you will come back next week”. He Winks.

All pictures by Sony QX 100. Edited and Cropped in Aperture 3.0


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