About Me

Curious about things around me, interested in photography, likes to eat, read comics, cut out newspaper articles, reads the obituary sections, me travel a lot, like to crack the corniest jokes that no one understands, likes to be alone, trying to run a mile in 20 mins, likes basketball, likes Dave Seaman, art, comics, anime, networking, traveling, sleeping, crazy for fashion, bags, nano universe, volta, replay and coca cola light and the latest craze……. cars & drifting

Hates crowds, fake goods, green peppers, hypocrites, those asking for too much, bed bugs, not enough money but has a Leica.

Likes contradictions.

Wish for more sleep and better health.

More events photography jobs………

Am no food reviewer, just like to eat and it probably has to do more with the photography than the plate of pasta.


  • Iphone 5  – Hipstamatic, Tiltshift Generator, PhotoShake
  • Leica M Typ 240, 35mm 1.4

Ah Jhune



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