Ash & Elm Sunday Buffet Brunch. Intercontinental Hotel Bugis. Unexpected Surprises…….

I was bored to death as I couldn’t travel these few months. Ended up eating dish after dish, cuisine after cuisine……bored ? so just eat, eat and eat.

Then came Deon, squealing in heightened excitement about the Ash & Elm buffet. Now, Deon is a big grown man, mind you. If you have been eating buffets in Singapore, its all pretty much the same. I mean, go in to resaurant, sit down, order your water, standup, move to food counters, fill up 2 plates, go back to table, sit down, eat, eat, drink drink…and then repeat. (A little harsh, but its basically how it is)

I must have been living in the mountains because it has been almost a year since its inception. Never seen it despite walking past, never heard of it. Heck, you don’t even think that there is a buffet in this hotel, let alone a good one.

Was about to berate into Deon for bringing his date to a buffet….I mean, buffet ? for a date ? Until he told me about its unworldly difference., blah blah blah. Only available on Sundays for brunch, quiet place (buffet ? quiet ?? Hah !!!! Must be a Bluff !!), nice lightings and furnitures, cozy ambience. Hard to believe  ?

I was pleasantly surprised that its true. If you bring along kids below 5 years of age, the staff may even be tempted to do up a special play room so that you can eat in peace….Wow…impressed.

Its a gem that i would rather not write about, as I would like it to be as it is…….quiet, dainty and quaint.  But…..ahhh…..might as well show off the food pics of the Ricoh GRII, my favourite toy at the moment. 🙂 Am not going to try to describe orgasmically what I ate and then give an arty-farty review on the taste. Just plan simple pictures on what we ate and my little thoughts. Here comes the rush.

We arrived early. Ash&Elm were not ready but my eyes were already fixated to the row of seafood, which finishes off at the end……with a Caviar buffet table. Where is in the world will anyone serve Caviar in a buffet !!!???, including oysters from Ireland and France, lobsters, mussels, prawns, yabbies, snow crab……Caviar !! I think spent a good 15 minutes just taking it all in….

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-01 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-02 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-03 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-04 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-05 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-06 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-07 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-08

Upon entering, the beautiful waitresses and handsome waiters will first bring you along a guided tour of what’s available. My friendly Waiter whispered “I was afraid that you might miss out on some of the spread….” Indeed….. Staring hard at the Caviar table, i missed the ham and cheese room on the left of the entrance. To my surprise again, they have Jamon Iberico, not the vacuum packed version but craved straight from the leg.

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-09 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-10 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-11 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-12 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-13 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-14 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-15

Heres the Caviar Table, packed decently with the necessary condiments.

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-17 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-18 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-19 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-20 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-21 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-22 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-23

Just then came this nice little chap who asked us how our day was and made us a nice Bloody Mary. I took a Virgin Mary instead, no alcohol for now…..

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-25 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-26 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-27

There’s Sashimi, Sushi, baked salmon, soups, and a decent Roast Beef.

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-28 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-29 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-30 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-31

There is a salad section as well which i didn’t venture. But again, in that little corner are nice little glasses of …..more salads and vegetables. Dianty.

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-40 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-41 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-42 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-43 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-44 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-45


Just what I thought that its all, our nice waiter came back again and reminded me that I forgot all about the cooked dishes. “I don’t see it ?” “Oh, they are prepared a-la-minute, you see that little menu on the table? The list is there ?” Surprises…..

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-33 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-34

Foie Gras is rather good. Nicely Plated. I had like 5. Gosh……..

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-36 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-37

Truffle Mushroom Cappuccino. Very thoughtful to serve in a small cup because its rather delicious. Would have finished up an entire bowl and no space for others.


More charcuterie platter. Actually its for me to take a break…….And then the resident Chef Eric Neo came up to us. “Did you order the Mentai Crayfish ? Come, Come”……. More surprises !! I lifted my bulging stomach off the table and trudge towards the kitchen. Chef Eric explained that its an open kitchen concept and that you are welcomed to walk in and watch, and then showed off his Josper like grill. No more surprises please………….

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-56 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-57 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-58 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-59


Watch the video, see how the bonito flakes dance among the hot vapours rising from the mental crayfish

More Food……..Stop….please…..

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-53 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-54 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-55 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-61

Did i mention that  you can asked for the Bloody Mary as many…hic…times…hic.. as you want ? Along with these juices, coffee and tea from the bar. Add another SGD40 for free flow of wine…..

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-62 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-63

The end ? no……an amazing corner filled with desserts, ice creams, fruits and chocolates. ….*Munch munch…i hate myself.

ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-47 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-48 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-49 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-50 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-51 ashelm-sunday-brunch-buffet-52

Now Its really the end. No more surprises. Thanks to the friendly staff for being patient with our noisy table.

And Deon and Date……. Thanks for the recommendation !





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