Leica T first Trip out. (Shanghai…)

It has been while since my last post, its time to get it going again… Since I gotten the Leica T I have not been shooting much, until the opportunity came when I made a trip to Shanghai. I was pretty deliberate about making the trip a shooting trip and wanted to dabble with “Street photography” since I have gotten the 23mm Summicron. (35mm equivalent)

My cousin… Sweet Dreams…


Took a trip to 豫园 subjects were aplenty!


Leica Colors are so vibrant! Bokeh strong…


Leica T was a pleasure to shoot with, 1) Light weight 2) Good ergonomics. The down side was the auto focus was pretty slow (the AF is now faster with film-ware patch).


By the end of the trip, street photograph has definitely grown on me.


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