Chinese New Year @ Chinatown Singapore

Long overdue post. Chinese New Year was last February, 2 months ago ! So long that I don’t remember what I should write about it.

Why ? I get a strange feeling about the place. The government has spent millions to upgrade, renovate and rebuild chinatown in its bid to attract locals and tourist but it has lost its charm of the old. Its now so….so fake ? Is that the word ? Is there a need to keep upgrading ? to keep things spanking sparkling and new ? My grandma who is 93, still has her small village room in China, which is now pretty run down and lots of dust. but its where she remembers her youth. This Chinatown ? ? I don’t even remember where i played my marbles………

There’s even a new temple claiming to have a Buddha relic…..his tooth….which is bigger than that of a hippopotamus as I was told. …..

Me : “*scratch scratch and then……….!!!?????”

I no longer feel the attachment of its past. Its like too new, too clean…..

Chinatown Singapore 06

Thats like a 5 hour queue for the famous BBQ pork, a must for every new year.

Chinatown Singapore 07 Chinatown Singapore 08 Chinatown Singapore 09 Chinatown Singapore 10 Chinatown Singapore 11 Chinatown Singapore 12 Chinatown Singapore 13 Chinatown Singapore 14 Chinatown Singapore 15 Chinatown Singapore 16

You remember the blending post ?

Here is Mark Ong’s work and how he blended it. F5.6 0.2 secs. The man is a genius.

Chinatown Singapore 05 Chinatown Singapore 04

Chinatown Singapore 01

Chinatown Singapore 03

ZZzzz…Where is the Chinatown that i know !!????


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