Oji Zoo @ Kobe Japan

Hmmm….am beginning to enjoy the city of Kobe, Japan.

When we go for a holiday, its mostly, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka….. these are mega mega mega cities and it drives me nuts just jostling with people on crowded trains, walkways. Whats worse to is hear another native from my own country every 30 mins we walked around town.

Kobe is a little different. People speaks bits and pieces of american accented english which makes my life easier. (Reason being that its the first city to open to international trade more than a hundred years ago) Its also less crowded and gives one a little more personal space.

On this short trip, yes its another 4 hours at most that we have, we decided to go to Oji Zoo !!!! Its also tailing towards the end of the sakura flowers season…shall try my luck !

Kobe Oji Zoo 13

Kobe Oji Zoo 12

Kobe Oji Zoo 11

Kobe Oji Zoo 31

Exiting from the Ojigoen station, which is just 2 stops away from the main station of Sannomiya. Alas we were too late, most of the sakura flowers were gone.

Kobe Oji Zoo 30

Kobe Oji Zoo 29

Kobe Oji Zoo 28

Kobe Oji Zoo 27

And for the first time, little kids in school uniforms do not get on my nerves. 🙂

Kobe Oji Zoo 26

Kobe Oji Zoo 25

Entry Fee is just Yen 600. Thats ridiculously cheap in expensive Japan. A bowl of noodles is already Yen 600. Thus, I was not expecting much. Maybe what we see is a little bird here and a lion there…… What the hell, we are here already.

Kobe Oji Zoo 32

Got this from the Zoo’s Entrance.

Kobe Oji Zoo 24

Kobe Oji Zoo 23

What surprises me was how much animals they managed to squeeze into the place ! There is even a Panda Bear 🙂 The Yen 600 is definitely worth it ! The place is small enough for a nice, comfortable walk and with the cool spring weather……excellent !

Kobe Oji Zoo 22

Kobe Oji Zoo 21

Kobe Oji Zoo 20

“What ya looking at ?”

Kobe Oji Zoo 19

Kobe Oji Zoo 01

Source :http://www.japan-guide.com/blog/sakura/090402_kobe.html

See the difference 1 or 2 weeks makes ? Argh !! If only i have been here earlier in late March or Early April ?

Kobe Oji Zoo 17

The Japanese have such immaculate planning and efficiency that you do not need real people to man the information counters. A few panda bears and a few press of buttons will do.

Kobe Oji Zoo 16

Kobe Oji Zoo 15

A playground for the kids who may get bored of Tigers, Elephants and Snakes.

Kobe Oji Zoo 14

This guy has anxiety problems, it was pacing up and down, left and right for the whole time we were there.

Kobe Oji Zoo 18

What’s missing  in the Zoo ?

The famous Kobe Cows that gives us the Kobe Beef……would really like to see how they are pampered with massages, beer and classical music

Something for Oji Zoo to think about 🙂 !!!



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