Antica Trattoria Da Carlone

They say that when in Florence, one have to go for the best Bistecca La Fiorentina, and when in Naples, eat Pizza. In Rome, it has to be Spaghetti Carbonara. I was searching on the internet for a restaurant that offers their own home cooked recipe and when I stumbled across Chef Remo’s Antica Trattoria Da Carlone.

Everything read right, home cooked, long history, located in a maze of small lanes, out of the main touristy city center, Chef who likes to gather feedback on his food, has a wife who helps out in the kitchen, churning out all that’s perfect. I have to visit !

Looks like a place out of someone’s home….cosy.

Al Dente Spaghetti Carbonara, cooked with bits of pork, not sure if its Guanciale, tossed in generous amounts of egg yolk and sprinkled with the best Pecorino Romano Cheese. I was told that the true way to eat pasta is only with a folk and no spoons, because the perfect pasta will be just wet enough to do so, not too wet or too dry. Flavours are all very intense. Fantastic ! One of the best i had that i have to give it its own post. 🙂 Of course, everyone has their own views when it comes to food, i am sharing what excites me, what makes me happy and tickle my taste buds 🙂

Chef Remo came out to greet us, asking if everything is ok, while in his egg-coated apron.

The lamb was just as good. Soft, Salty, smoky, fatty. See the juices that flowed out of the meat ? Couldn’t resist.

I’ll be back 🙂


  1. Are you still in Rome? You absolutely have to try this other place:

    I’m serious, I lived in Rome for 5 years and though I’m in Barcelona now, I’ve never forgotten their wonderful bucatini all’amatriciana, their cicoria saltata and so much more.

    Trust me, I don’t have any personal nor commercial relationship to this trattoria, I just used to have great dinners there and every time I send a visiting friend over, they’re enthusiastic about it 🙂

    There or anywhere else, Buon Appetito!

    1. Sounds fantastic, but alas, i just got back. Another friend is going to Rome soon. Will ask him to take pictures and feedback 🙂 from the website, looks promising !

  2. Looks delicious, your post bring back my favourite memories of Rome when I had the best carbonara many years ago in the trastevere area.

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