Feet, Legs and Tsukasa Hojo

I don’t know if you like to read Japanese Manga but I am a great fan, at least till 5 years ago. One of my favorite is this manga titled Angel Heart, エンジェル・ハート Enjeru Hāto by  Tsukasa Hojo.  shall not elaborate on the story here but one scene in this manga that left a lasting impression.

The scene shows a series of feets and legs, walking, running, standing. I couldn’t make out what it was till it was shown that they are making a movie with no dialogue, just the bustling of feet to showcase the happenings and emotions. All left to imagination !

Here is my attempt, although not in a movie format like in the manga but a series of pictures.  Was quite hesitant to do it. I will look like a creep with a camera, I thought. Will need a combination of guts and stealth……….and not crossing the line lest I get arrested !

If you are in the exact same place, can you imagine or picture what is going on ? Whats going thru the thoughts of these people ?

I think I gained an experience, but very unlikely that i will do this again 🙂


    1. ahahhaha….thanks for the compliments, it was quite an experiment because there were lots of “spy” shots. Heart was beating faster than normal 🙂 ….even so for the last pic of the mannequins !

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