Walkabouts @ Rome Day 2

The guide book says go to Campo De Fiori for breakfast , soak in the sun and just people watch.

Really ?  Too early for us at 9am…….we were like part of the furniture, moving only when necessary……sloths……the market wasn’t  particularly active. Ended up buying pomegranate juice from this guy. Never knew this thing taste so sweet freshly squeezed. The Japanese lady standing next to us, spied at us intently, making sure we were still alive after drinking before buying some.

Spanish Steps. Everyone sitting around enjoying the sun. Souvenirs aplenty.

The kids sure looks thrilled. 🙂 A few come with books, reading amidst the tourists filled environment, something i cannot understand. I rather go window shopping on the street behind…ohhhhs…Prada…ohhh…..Gucci 🙂

Citta De Vaticano.  Hundreds of years of history. We got Jason from Happy Travels to bring us around for 2-3 hours. Yes, these are the people who, once we alight from the Taxis, tells us that if we go with them, we can skip the long queues. But hey …. at least there is a super friendly guide to explain the many statues, sculptures,  paintings, architectures.

Frankly, i could have taken more pictures but the place was so overwhelming, i spent quite a bit of time trying to soak it in. No pictures allowed in the Sistina though, where Michelangelo did the most important works of his career.

Exhausted…too short…..But Great Trip ! For you Kev 🙂


  1. so many great shots. Definitely makes me want to go to Rome 🙂 I am actually going to Italy in June, but I doubt there will be time for Rome this time around.

    1. hey, thanks for liking my photos. on the other hand, you can do some of these gorgeous pictures yourself ! 🙂 Download some of the photography apps from any iPhone or android phones and start playing with the settings. Trust me, these apps will guide and turn you into instant photography genius !!

  2. hello, achiever,

    great composition! i like your story and that bit about the kids having a grand time of it… ^^ love what you do with the lights to bring out the best moods in the pics. i like your photo of the church and the steps. btw, what did you do to get that effect, huh? whisper it to me, quick, lols! ^^

    hope you’ve rested after the trip. regards… 🙂

    1. hey…i only enhanced the saturation and do the black and whites. The rest are done by the hipstamatic app on iPhone. Damn, there goes my secrets. Jet Lag is always a bad thing, i need sleep but there’s just so much to do !

      1. ahaha, you make it sound easy. am sure in real life, they’re difficult to do, hehe. ^^ the enhancement of the saturation process, it sounds like the traditional way – the dark room and all. No? 🙂

        sleep it off, whenever you can… cheerio! ^^

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