Walkabouts @ Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Except the fact that these days, only tourists do what romans then used to do. Not sure if they are used to eating pasta and pizza back then but I think they entertained themselves at the coliseum watching beasts maul gladiators, visit the Pantheon and pray at the Citta De Vaticano. Exactly what i did 🙂 I arrived just after lunch…..better to grab a bit first at the Colosseo.

There are just so many monuments, so many statues, complete or incomplete. To go through the 2000+ years of Catholic history in 2 days was extremely interesting but overwhelming. It made me reflect and kept me dazed for days…….


Outside the Colosseo, Caesar wouldn’t be too pleased to know that his minions are wearing Nike shorts underneath the glistering armour. “Picture friend? Come on !! Va Bene !! Cheap. No? Tutto Va Bene !! “…… They never give up.  It’s the Italian spirit. J

Head off to Piazza Navona. This has got to be my favorite part of the city. Good for people watch, street perfomers aplenty.

I wonder what music can they conjure if the two of them decide to work together……

The Pantheon is just minutes away. Free Entry. I bet you see the Pantheon’s dome in countless travel guides. And as usual packed with tourists…….

Colonel Sanders made my Cafe Latte round the bend at Sant Eustachio. Frankly, I don’t get the “my Italian coffee is better than your French press” Or the “ohhh……barista artworks on my cappuccino”. Coffee is coffee. Sant Eustachio serves them the old fashion way, the way I like it.

Yawns…….Coffee doesn’t work.


  1. I love Rome. My favourite restaurant is on a street near the Vatican, family-run and very inexpensive but absolutely superb. Unfortunately I can never remember the name. I just find it by location.

      1. All I can remember is the address – because I marked it on my map of Rome. It’s on the corner of Via Germanico and Via Fabio Massimo. Thanks to the magic of Googlemaps I can actually see it. Unfortunately the streetview shot was taken in the morning before they were open for business, so you don’t get the name of the place. It’ll be the family name, though.

        Google says the address is 172 Via Germanico. The family are apparently not on-line. Too busy making their own pasta.

  2. hello, urbanachiever,

    love the 1st, the 3rd and the 6th photo. i also like what you did with the black and whites. and yes, your puns, ahaha. ^^ but the italians are a passionate people, they say things with their lips and their hands. you should taken a pic of an Italian gesticulating, hehe. ^^

    how come you’re in Singapore a few days back and now in Rome, eh? is it your work or you just plain have plenty of money for travel? Lols! ^^ btw, why only two days to take photos of Rome? cheers! 🙂

  3. awww i love rome..great pics! and that pizza actually looks pretty good. the ones i got were all really thin, and im a fan of the fat american style pizza! when i was there i think i mostly ate fried rice balls and gelato every day hahah

    1. Fat Amercian pizza ? I remember there’s one in Chicago thats really good…hmmm. You are right about the food, i got pretty sick of Italian after a few days…..bleah….

      1. It’s a nice town, unfortunately the most beautiful places in the historical part have been destroyed by an earthquake in year 2009, but however you can visit them!

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