12am – 6am : After Midnight

I have no idea where the thought of gallivanting in the middle of the night came from. Someone gave the idea to visit the vegetable wholesale market and it all started from there. The last time i stayed up till morning, I needed 2 full days to recover….tsk tsk…… 🙂

Lots of Coffee, a full stomach. The plan seems good. Ready to roll.

Last train’s out dude…… Know what ? I was questioned by this lady in uniform who was carrying a whole bunch of keys. “Why are you taking pictures of the train station ? Its not allowed.” and i rattled off to explain myself before i was allowed to leave……a full 10 mins. Who says street photography is easy ?

Get a bicycle instead…….or pay double rates for flagging down a cab after midnight.

These little boxes, the homes of million’s of Singaporeans. At 1245am, the whole place’s slowing down, getting ready for slumber.

The Pasir Panjang Vegetable wholesale market is just starting to bust into life. We were too early at 2am. Its like 2 and a half soccer fields. Huge. And yes, i did not control the exposure here well 🙂

Now, you don’t go there and buy like…..2 potatoes, i am sure the guy will give you a blank stare before telling you to take at least a bag of 20 potatoes plus 5 kgs of tomatoes, topping off with another 10kgs of broccoli.

Tattoos…..fierce…..Tattoos again ! So busy that they don’t look too friendly to stop for a picture…I didn’t ask too.

Someone with a brilliant idea decides that the Jurong Fishery Port will be the next destination ( that will be me )…. You need to bring your ID to enter this place but the security guy was friendly. No hassle at all.

The moment we stepped into the market. I knew that i am not going to last very long with my Havianas. Everyone was wearing Wellington Rubber Boots. The water was cold and grimy, leaving a sticky residue on the soles. Slippery, trying to balance every time, looking and hoping that the next puddle i stepped into will be relatively clean…..

What really peeved me was the thought that my feet are going to smell like dead fish for the next few hours.

Pictures are taken with iPhone. I heard photography is not really welcome here. Well, if its wet like this, my Leica too, refuses to be out of the bag.

Again, don’t expect to be allowed to buy 300grams of the cod fillet…..you buy the whole fish or 2, or 3, or the whole group !!! Fresh !

The man with the glasses…..$$$

When we were there, this guy was asleep, when we left at 330am, he was still fast asleep. Tough Job 🙂

Getting ready to make the newspaper deliveries……..Yawns……starting to regret……Pay Back time…2 days….

I think i better head home……….smells from my feet are killing me…..


  1. This is such a great series of photos! Gotta love that there’s a whole ‘nother hustle and bustle while people are fast asleep!

    1. Yup, am rather surprised myself ! 🙂 There are still people working in the office, people out partying, getting drunk….maybe that could be a next photo outing 🙂

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