L’Operetta @ Boat Quay

The city skyline in Singapore is stunning. But its just lacking in something that Hong Kong or Shanghai has….Cannot really pinpoint, its just a feeling. I can only show you this for now. The view from my seat at my table at L’Operetta Italian restaurant at boat quay. The Starship Enterprise look-a-like at the far left is Singapore’s latest Hotel + Casino + Shopping + Michelin Star Restaurants (Where Chef Danny Met his friends) + Opera + Live Shows + “Fall off the Edge” Swimming Pool on 57th Floor. Stay in this hotel if you feel like splurging, should be a good experience.

Side track a little……..I always like to look at the back lanes…..:)

On the front side at the river, you will find this wonderful Italian restaurant.

Enoteca L’Operetta is the only Italian restaurant in Singapore where the pizzas are certified by Vera Pizza Napoletana. The flour has be from a certain region, the tomatoes from a certain region, even the Pizza oven has to be approved. Which essentially means = Qualified and Certified.

You can read all about them from my friend’s Leslie’s Blog. The funny thing is…….it’s an Italian Restaurant in Singapore run by Japanese. I would never have imagined that the only authentic Neapolitan pizza i could eat in South East Asia are made not by Italians but Japanese……*scratch head

Tourist filled bum boats chugs by, where i am seating,……with loud speakers blaring” On your right is Boat Quay…”

Enough yakking, time to eat !

Hokkaido Scallop topped and baked with Parmesan Cheese + Pesto. Just 1 huge scallop hidden below the mess.

Rocket Salad with Proscuitto Ham + the star of the evening, the Burrata Cheese. Not your regular Mozzarella….this cheese is full of milky flavor. “Imported from I-Ta-Ry”, the Japanese waiter proudly said.

Practically gobbled the whole thing….someone should have told me to pace myself. Couldn’t eat after that……no pasta, no “Vera Pizza”, no desserts.

I think i just swallowed 1.5kg of milk.


    1. Thanks Debbec ! 1.5kg of milk…..i wouldn’t recommend that much milk at one sitting and too bad i couldn’t see anyone at the back lane, waiting for 15 mins…. 🙂

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