Little India

I love taking pictures, especially street photography. Like interacting with people. Discovering new places. Revisiting familiar sights. Sometimes I could yak with strangers for hours like a tape recorder on repeat rewind. And sometimes, i could be timid like a mouse.

Little India is a small part of Singapore. If you walk really fast back and forth, it takes you maximum 45 mins. But there are so much things happening, so much to see, to ask and to do. These flowers are for prayers, and maybe to dress up the Deity’s statue that one has at home.

One of the few Chinese Pawn shops in the area. If you are looking to buy gold, pawn gold, Little India is the place to go to.

Its also the mobile phone city. If you would spend time asking from shop to shop, am sure you will get a good discount.

I have a knacked of interrupting people, don’t I?

“Can i take your picture ?” The head went side to side but not really side to side, its also up and down at the same time. I figured that’s a “Yes”.  Took me a few shots because he refused to look up. So i paused, waited till he decides to do so.

If you are looking to add some new life to your shirts, look for them tailors along Serangoon Road. By adding a few colored flower fabric to the insides of collar and cuffs, you will have a Paul Smith lookalike….not bad for $8 bucks.

Make shift stalls are aplenty.

I think i just found the pair of jeans i threw away last week 🙂

Raining ?

The rain came after threatening for the whole afternoon. Argh…..end of my day….

Slow walk, rest the feet and grab some lunch. Fantastic Mutton Nasi Biryani in Little India. Owner of Blue Diamond does them so well. Long Grained Basmati Rice, evenly spiced and with the spine of the lamb . A secret, because the meat at the spine is one of the tender moist, softest part.

“Mr Blue Diamond” is not around today. His son, Sham was ready to take over the reins.

That just means more Nasi Biryani to come ! 🙂



  1. I simply like all your pics!

    Maybe next time I should walk around and take look around before I savor Blue Diamond’s Briyani…

    1. It does take some getting used to….used to “no”, used to *ahhrrrhhh*, used to “what are you doing !!!!” ….its all fun and daunting at the same time 🙂

    1. Thanks Paolo ! Yup, but only if you make a trip to the neighboring countries as well….all the way only for Singapore maybe not worth it. Visit Phuket, Bali….maybe i should too 🙂

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