Sunny Day @ Beach

Weather, checked. Bathing suit, checked.

Money, checked. Sun block lotion, checked. Dog, checked. Camera, checked.

Am not a creature of the sea. I do a little bit of diving…erm…10 years ago. But nothing since then, i prefer the cleaner swimming pools where i seem to be able to remember the time to get out of the sun’s rays.

I never fail to end up like a Boston Lobster at the beach……have no idea why.

Palawan beach at Sentosa, Coastes Bar, Singapore. For those who think Singapore is a complete concrete jungle, wrong. They have some of the nicest beach bars around. Don’t expect the drinks and sun beds to come cheap though. Funny thing is that a large part of this island is man made. The pristine fine beach and sand you are seeing ? Man Made, Imported from Indonesia. There’s a joke that if you take a bottle of sand with you, you are stealing from the country. Duh….

Blue Chairs at the beach. If only they come in Tiffany Blue…..

Someone’s enjoying herself.

ehem…so is she.

Was tempted to get a Mojito from the cool beach bar in the back and sit on the wooden deck in the sun. The thought that i could vaporized or turned into the most healthy looking Boston Lobster stopped me.


No…its not just a picture of the lady looking out to sea, feeling forlorn or maybe very pissed. Let me zoomed into the top right corner to show you.

This thing, a rather large monitor lizard was the star of that few minutes. It swam across the breach, grabbing everyone’s attention. Men gawked, Ladies squeal, Children impressed. How i wish i had the same attention 🙂

*Trying to look innocent again *…..hiding under some shade all the time.

35 Degrees celsius is too damn hot !! Shall quickly finished my waffles and go !!

Last Pic : Iphone 4s + Hipstamatic

All Others : Leica M9 35mm 1.4 Summilux


      1. Well I just absolutely love the picture of the dog. It has really nice lighting and mood. I also love the picture of the black and white chain framing the woman on the beach. My only tip is to look out for lighting (I know that some of them actually look good very bright), but just be aware of that. Great photos!

  1. hello, urbanachiever,

    but hey, did you swim? btw, your pretty pet got to go, too! in the pics, she seems to be enjoying herself, huh? ^^ hope you enjoyed the beach and not just took pics, ahaha. regards! 🙂

    1. its too hot…..looking at how everyone was gawking at the monitor lizard….i can imagine how they will view an oversized lobster…….so nope…. did not even get wet…not even my toes. 🙂

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