Doggy Dog Dog

I did nothing this weekend, walked the dog a little. Going through my library of photos, dug out some pictures.

The mammoth Canon 85mm F1.2L. Can you guess which is which ?

Pomeranian x Chi Wa Wa. 53cm. Some pictures of the dog. Timid. Shy. Naughty. Nuisance. Lovable. Loyal. Cute. Picky. Loves Seafood. Hates-Postmen. Barks Like a Boss. Whimpers Like a spoilt baby.


3 Cameras in use here. Know which is which ?



  1. hello, urbanachiever,

    we had a little shit tzuh boy who went by the same descriptions – some overbearing, wonderful pet. he looked amazingly similar to your pretty, spoiled brat above.^^ he’s with us for more than four amazing years.

    yes, he always flashed that you-still -owe-me-a-walk look. dogs are for lovin’… :):)

      1. oh, it would have been, had he still been around.^^ they really look the same in the 5th pic. our dog’s one of the most photographed pets i know. people used to have their pics taken with him whenever we’d bring him to the park, the breakwater and the malls. that, i think, added to his “attitude,” haha.

        she’s very pretty… 🙂 does she belong to the league of pet owners who work hard to maintain their pet’s lifestyle, huh? ^^

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