Thieves Market @ Singapore

“Thieves Market”. This is such a cool name.

Imagine if someone ask you where you are going and you say. “Hanging out at Thieves Market”. Your street cred should increase by a level or 2 🙂

Thieves Market in Singapore. Slump looking but full of character. History has it that this place sells 2nd hand vintage stuff that may be once part of your lives, your father’s or your grandfather’s. Old cassette tapes, typewriters, sony playstation 1, vcr recorders, watches, motorola startec handphone, turn dial telephones………

Or sometimes, if you happen to get your wallet pick pocketed, you can try your luck at Thieves Market. You might find your wallet there the next day, more efficient than the police……..less the cash of course !!

Some really old camera bodies and lenses for sale…….mouldy, cracks and scratches, couldn’t buy a thing.

Or would you like a pair of used shoes……… SGD 5 bucks or Eur 3 / pair is a good deal. Comes with free smells and sweat 🙂 Good deal.

Ploughing thru the cassettes, i found some really old stuff, SGD 0.50/tape.

I bought the typewriter which was feeling quite lonely besides Santa Claus. Comes with a custom fit briefcase. SGD50. Its not a Hemingway but hey….i think its quite a good price i paid.

This guy was really happy with his new found pair of jeans.

Old folks manned many of the stores. They are friendly but tend to be camera shy. I had a hard time trying to persuade anyone to look at me and my camera.

“No, i am not good looking”…… I swear he is way cooler than he think he is.

“No, i didn’t bring my dentures today”. ….Zzzzz….Respect. If they say no, then it’s a no.

The Leica is not a point and snap camera, you need to manual focus, compose…by the time i get to the shot i want, it may be over. The gem is that it tries to make you interact with your subjects. I learnt so much more…..

Old lady runs one of the stalls…..But not selling much, probably just passing time.

This stall owner looks really stressed. What he is missing? i really don’t know. He poured out his entire bag of stash and couldn’t find what he wanted….

I will come back. Am sure there are more goodies here.

2nd + 3rd Pic : Iphone 4s + Hipstamatic

Rest : Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron


  1. hi..!
    great post about the thieves market in singapore!
    there’s a very similar one in india too….if i can recall correctly, its in old delhi…a veritable maze of tiny alleyways, really old houses with balconies, of the type where you can imagine courtesans of that period standing, looking for customers..
    anyway, the market in delhi is also called Thieves Market…they call it “Chor Bazaar” which iam told means “the bazaar of thieves”..!!
    and same as singapore, you can buy lots of very good old cameras….just the kind of place i love to hang out!

  2. We tried finding this today and could not. Just saw a lot of construction at Jalan Besar and Rocher Canal and Sungei streets. Could you provide exact location?

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