Canapés @ Home

I am itching to try making my own Canapés after the trip to Quimet y Quimet .

How difficult can it get ? Pick a little from there, pick a little from here, add some olive oils, vinegar etc….and voila !! Master Chef Jay Kay….I hope !! (Its a secret ambition, shall start working towards that). Off to the supermarket, ingredients are all readily available. Eur 2.00 + Eur 3.95 blah blah…….they are not cheap…..

Got some Anchovies, Olives and Trout Caviar…..

Good Start ! Colours(??) look really good !

Sorry….a repeat….let me indulge a little….

Grated Parmesan Cheese…..what for ?….i have an idea…..shall see later. 🙂

John West Smoked Oysters… remember the advertisement featuring the fight between bear and man over a salmon fish ? Yup thats the brand. Taste obscenely good on its own. And I only discovered it now ? tsp tsk.

My first Canapés ! Smoked oysters + Pulpo on cream cheese topped with Trout caviar…..not bad… 🙂

Proscuitto Ham. Jamon Iberico is too expensive. Hmm, there are no substitutes for freshly shaved ham, proscuitto or iberico. You need to leave it alone for an hour or so… let it “sweat” a little.

Smoked Salmon. Always a favorite.

This is what i am going to do with the shaved parmesan cheese……make crispy hot parmesan chips ! Get a non stick pan, put the cheese on the pan, flatten them, and leave them alone for a few minutes.

My flipping skills are terrible. Instead of nice concentric circles, i get Africa, Australia and somewhere from Mars… 🙂

Smoked Salmon + Proscuitto, drizzled with Honey and with Crispy Parmesan Cheese. Somehow, my salmon and ham does not go very well together.

My favorite Anchovies Canape drizzled with lots of olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar! No matter how it looks, i will find space to devour this 🙂

Verdict ? The next time, i will just head to the Tapas Bars, the quality of ingredients from the supermarket can never compare with theirs……….or was it me ? Haha, I realized maybe i have zero talents, zero patience when it comes to cooking 🙂

It takes some knowledge to know where to get the best ingredients and some talent to know how to make perfect combinations for the Canapés…..

Shall stick to eating.

Why do i feel so thirsty after the Canapés ? Coke light please !!!

All pics taken with Canon 5D2 24-70mm, post processed in Aperture 3


  1. You’re definitely from another world. How on Earth could a picture of smoked salmon move me this much? I hope your amazing perspective will take you somewhere. So it should.

    1. hehe….the arrangements are from some magazines that i have read in the past and they sort of just appeared in my head then. no flash, no setup, just a dirty canon 5d2 that needs some cleaning 🙂

  2. hello, urbanachiever,

    haha, head over to Tapas Bar. ^^ in the first place, the ingredients are expensive. in the second, the ham and the salmon look like they’re not having a good time (peace!). and third, your pics are wonderful sans the cooking skills. ^^

    i love your photos, though. and you’re the man for trying and for sharing. have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement for the pics….haha, and you are right ! i spent more at the supermarkets than at the Tapas bars ! i think i bought some of the ingredients for pictures’ sake. Glad that you like the pictures tho 🙂 But more cooking to be done if i have the time, hope to discover some hidden talents here somewhere….haha

      1. hello, again,

        oh, my bad. the rose salmon looks very pretty actually. it’s the anchovies that seem to ask for deliverance, haha.^^ btw, you must have a kitchen that lets in plenty of light. i love the angles of your pics… 🙂

        i can imagine the high end supermarket that you went to. no worries, won’t compare you to this beautiful spanish lady at the food channel who whips up luscious dishes but with curves still in the right places, haha.^^ will await your next posts, be they culinary attempts at home or dinners out… regards! 🙂

    1. Nope, gotta learn more from Leslie 🙂 Presentation may be impossible for me when i comes to Chinese food. You, him and the rest of the ieat forummers does them well..mooohahahahah. We have to organize a photo taking session soon !

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