Quimet y Quimet Revisit @ Barcelona

I have been blogging a lot about food these days…….. not that i am trying to be a full time food blogger but I have GOD DAMNED lost some of the pictures. Was at the 24 Hr Barcelona race over the weekend and ALL THAT VIDEOS that i took……crashed in one of my harddisk.

Argh !! *Pulling my hair allover the place”

Well, it was not that bad. A visit to Quimet y Quimet saved my trip. It made me happier, was pissed but am just grouchy now……

Quimet y Quimet is located in Barcelona, quite near to the Rambla, about a 15 mins walk if you know how. And the food is just as good 🙂 It topped the charts in many guides like Trip Advisor etc and i can see why.

Located in one of the quieter streets close Parallel subway, i was told that its history is at least a hundred years old. Owner Joaquin and his wife were extremely friendly as my inquisitive mind fired away many a question.

Joaquin explained that Quimet is a nickname for (Joaquin) in the catalan language, i could not get if he meant that young boys in the family are nicknamed Quimet, but what i did get was that they are into the their fifth generation now and all the men in the family are named Joaquin !!

How many restaurants do you know that are into their fifth generation ? Joaquin is the forth. His son, Joaquin (Damn, i am getting confused) and daughter, Neus, are the fifth. And they have been at the same location since the very day it started.

But it was not always tapas and montaditos, It was an ice factory and later started selling tapas. The menu ages ago only has anchovies, tuna and…….

“Vermouth !!” says Joaquin proudly….if i heard correctly, they make their own and the recipe dates back at least 50 years. The menu has since expanded to close to 100 items, and they are not expensive at all, an average price of Eur 2.50 for the montaditos.

We went crazy. Had at least 8 montaditos each, 1 tapas and a couple of drinks. If you remember, i tried to replicate the same in an earlier blog entry……but it just does not taste the same.

Neus, in particular, was chatty and very friendly. Quick go visit! If you watch the end of the video, her smiles will melt many hearts…….. 🙂

Quimet Quimet Barcelona 28


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 27


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 01


I already lost my heart at this one……. Salmon, Cream Cheese topped with truffled honey !!


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 02


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 04


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 06



Neus says that this is particularly good and its only available at their shop….from Belgium i think. ##**!!#$#$** How can canned food taste so good ???!!!

Quimet Quimet Barcelona 08


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 09


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 11


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 14


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 12


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 10


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 14


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 13


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 16


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 17


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 19


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 20


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 21


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 22


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 23


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 24


Quimet Quimet Barcelona 29


Excellent Tapas !! Simply amazing ! Will be back soon !!


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