Quimet y Quimet’s Canapes @ Barcelona

One of my favorite cities….. Barcelona has the sea, the mountains, the fashion, the beautiful people and the food. I think its one of the few places that has it all….including conmen and robbers (thats another story)…

There is a 3 hour break in between work. Not wasting anytime, i googled “best tapas” and Quimet y Quimet came up. Looking at the metro map, ah….a few stations away on a direct tram L3 to Paral Lel. Good, here we go.

A short 5 mins walk from the subway.

I would have missed it if not for the fella standing there. Why are most good food places in a not easy to find location ? And which is the entrance ?

Took this with App “Autostitch” for the panoramic view. A very small place, no seats. But the chatters in spanish, english, french (what to expect, this place was featured in The Guardian UK http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2011/jun/08/top-10-tapas-bars-barcelona) , the liquors on the wall each with its own price for a glass, the smells…ohhh..this place looks promising.

The man with the glasses, i presume is the owner, speaks english which makes ordering the Canapes a breeze. Anchovies with Olives on a bed of dried tomatoes and bread. Very good and you have to use your hands, not with a knife and fork that i saw the french couple was using.

the bed of ingredients…..was very lost…. have to ask man with glasses. “Montaditos ??” he said…whatever, all looks very good.

This was amazing…… Smoked salmon with cream cheese followed by, not a drizzle but a dollop of honey and finished with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Everyone’s very warm, happily chatting, man with glasses engages everyone…cool.

One more before i go,……looking around, i couldn’t decide. So i just muttered “anything that’s good” and i got this.

Mussels on a bed of fresh tomatoes, topped with caviar and olive oil. Speechless.

All very tasty and interesting, i will come back to this place. But at the same time, it sets me thinking….i can also do this at home ? Just head to Carrefour or El Corte Ingles, buy all the ingredients and viola, i am a genius ? Shall attempt next week.

Montaditos !!

Pics : All pics with iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic and Autostitch App.


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