Singapore Airlines + Food + Turtleback Lens Dial

Am wondering if i should put all these in 1 post……..argh……what the hell, doesn’t matter.

The iPhone is one gadget that i like but i like the accessories even more. If any Android phones can come out with accessories that are better and cooler, i may make the switch.

I bought this off Yes, i have upgraded from this. Although this looks like a weapon that can fire off many rounds, let me assure you that its not. Its a rotating lens dial that allows the use of the wide angle, zoom and fisheye lenses !

Reminds me of Rambo 1, 2 & 3. Have been using it these past few days and makes me feel…erm…….”very man”…Zzzzz 🙂

On the flight to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines. Used the lens dial. If anyone has tried taking pictures on the plane, everyone else’s looking at you, the cameraman….Let alone someone using such a strange “UFO” thingy. Me, very privilege to fly on Business class this time round.

Fisheye lens shows you the wide open spaces.

The very wide seat can be transformed into a totally flat bed. Does this justify Singapore Airlines charging 30-50% more than other airlines in this class ?

More privacy and a better night sleep ? I was awake watching inflight entertainment for 12 hours. I busted one of the games at level 99. If someone puts you to fly on business class, you don’t sleep. You eat, drink, watch movies, play games, eat, drink , watch movies and play games again.

Food came. Appetizer was duck with orange puree. Ridiculously good !! and with real ceramic plates :)….not aluminum foil boxes….

Cod Fish served on a bed of sweet potatoes. The chef that came out with ideas like these deserved a pat on the back 🙂

Apple Crumble

Not done yet ! Cheese, fruits and coffee to top it off.

Touch down !! Whether to pay 30-50% more in business class ? Or even be on that class itself ? The decision is yours.

Lens Dial Pics – Canon 5DII 24-70mm L

Plane Pics  – Iphone 4s + Turtleback Lens Dial + Hipstamatic


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