Turtleback Iphone 4s Jacket

With the 8 megapixel camera on the 4S, i cannot wait to try out the Turtle Back iPhone 4s Jacket. The ability to add a wide angle or telephoto lens …couple with the Instagram or Hipstamatic app brings endless possibilities to my mundane photo taking abilities.  What makes it even more appetizing is with the DOF adapter, you can actually use your canon/nikon/blah blah lenses with the iPhone.

Darn…it looks good….

Hard to keep this in the trouser pockets but hey, i am not complaining 🙂

If you are in for it, might as well get the DOF adapter, you can use this then with almost any other lenses !! Like the Canon 50mm F1.4 here.

Very tempting i know but wait, what about the ease of use and picture qualities….. I will show you in my next posts 🙂

Get them at
http://photojojo.com  or http://turtleback.com.hk

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