Turtleback Iphone 0.5x Wide Angle

For those who are familiar with the iPhone hipstamic app, there is always a problem of “not wide enough” and “where’s the pic going?”. Well, expand the range with the 0.5x wide angle adapter.

Wait, how does this thing feel in the pocket ? A big bulge obviously, but nothing too uncomfortable. I can live with it.

A trip to Ikea and i decided to use it just to show you guys the effects.

With Hipstamatic Lucifer VI Lens and Cano Cafenol film, see the difference ? notice the distortion ? Thats what a magnifier will do to your picture……using it with the regular iPhone camera may make the pictures look weird, but pair it with the Hipstamatic, all is forgiven, might even add some edge to the picture, I am suddenly an artistic genius again. 🙂

Some more examples.

Ok I admit, i wasn’t using a tripod. (Who does that in a shopping mall like Ikea anyway ??) so i may have moved 1-2 cm closer to the subject. But i think you get my point.

Can’t remember the prices but you can check it out at www.turtleback.com.hk

Am having so much fun ! Nevermind the distortion ! More Examples from past pictures 🙂


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