Florence, Pasta, Tartufo

i must say Florence is a really nice place to live in, the market is nearby the center which i concluded is for tourist…….well, if they have japanese and chinese speaking staff, it must be ! No Italian i know speak japanese……

A coffee to start the day.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina, very tempting…but next time

Parmesan Cheese, i made a mistake. I asked for 2 kilos. Thats cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner for entire week. Zzzzz

Tartufo !! Cannot help but bought some. I swear it smells 10 times better when i bought it.

Pasta on the way, Jamie Oliver says that if it sticks to the wall, its already done

And his pesto sauce http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetarian-recipes/basic-pesto. I never used to believe the man who tells me “you can cook a meal in 30 mins”. Its just cannot be done !!! But strangely, this taste really good….

After the salt and peppers, I realized that the Tartufo i bought means nothing ! The secret lies in this 75% peanut oil 25% Tartufo “home recipe” blend. Eur15 compared to the Eur48 i spent on the real thing…..grrrrrr.

Thanks the the tube of “Pure White Truffles” I felt like Jamie Oliver for 5 mins. The time it took for me to wolf down the pasta. 🙂

I love Florence !

All pics from iPhone


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