Meii Sushi……Season Starts Now !!

Ok….i admit, i am spoilt by Chef Hong. This man took a look at burly me, observed the way i eat and told me that the only possible way for me to truly enjoy sushi is to have a humongous piece with a little rice and finish it in one mouthful.

How right he is……. my expectations are raised so high that no matter where else  i go, i end up feeling disappointed and felt that my money was better spent at his restaurant. Its not for everyone though, my female friends thought its too rough, too “un-glam”. But I love it !!

How huge is huge ? My Sanma sushi has a thumb size ball of rice, topped by the entire left side sanma fillet. Yup, you read it right…the entire fillet !!!

Chef Hong does not do it for everyone as he knows not everyone enjoys eating this way. Have to ask for it (and also pay for it………)

From Sept – Dec, this is the time when most fishes are in season and at their peak with lots of delicious omega 3 (it makes me less guilty than using the word “fats”) 🙂 And its the time when you can sample up to 6 different types of Uni including the famed Sakura Uni that only last for a week. I have been saving my money just for these 3 months.

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 01

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 02

All time favourite….Uni with poached egg in some secret sauce.

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 03

Kanpachi – Its in season now. So fat….it melts in your mouth.

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 05

Where’s the rice !!!!

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 06


Meii Sushi Sept 2013 07

Mirugai or Geoduck Sushi – Sweet and Crunchy

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 08

Preparing the Sanma Sushi – See no joke…its really the entire fillet !

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 09

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 10

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 11

Chutoro Sushi

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 12

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 13

Aburi Tai Sushi Topped off with Kanpachi belly – Am dead by now…….

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 14

Ikura Sushi fused with Sake

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 15

Meii Sushi Sept 2013 16

Overflowing Uni………

What am i to do ? Nothing !! Just pop one into the mouth, close your eyes, enjoy the moment and try not to look around showing the face of ecstasy…….

Am pretty sure the lady beside me thought i was crazy….who eats sushi like that !!!!????

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