Cosplay 2013……@ STGCC again !

i am losing interest……there are times when there are no events that seems to interest you and when everything seems the sme every year…….help  !!!!!!


The characters look familiar…so do the participants !!! I think i saw you last year ? and you ? you too ? Hell, even the lady selling coffee looks the same…..

Anime 2013 01 Anime 2013 02 Anime 2013 03 Anime 2013 04 Anime 2013 05 Anime 2013 06 Anime 2013 07 Anime 2013 09 Anime 2013 10 Anime 2013 11 Anime 2013 12 Anime 2013 13 Anime 2013 14 Anime 2013 15

Save Me……..

Written by urbanarchiver

Curious about things around me, interested in photography, likes to eat, read comics, cut out newspaper articles, me travel a lot, like to crack lousy jokes, likes to be alone, trying to run a mile in 20 mins, hate chill peppers, crazy for fashion, not enough money, has a Leica, like contradictions.

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