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I have actually meant to explore a cooking technique known as Sous Vide. Saw the machine a couple of times being mentioned on TV about how steaks will always come out perfectly medium rare, how it is touted as the next wave of healthy cooking etc.

“Does anyone has a Sous Vide machine ? The thing is big enough to be cumbersome and expensive !!? ” I thought to myself.

As if he could read my thoughts, OMark suddenly appeared beside me while i was drinking my coffee and whispered to my ears.

“I have it”

The next thing i knew, we discussed and he appeared again out of nowhere in front of my home with not only the Sous Vide machine but enough ingredients for 3 dishes !!

At that time, i knew this post should not be about sous vide but about OMark and his passion for food.

This is the Sous Vide machine. Omark says it does not have to be big. Just connect it to a rice cooker and ready to go. Cost about EUR100. Looks pretty good.

Exploring the shots, we decided to make it a food cum photography session. But really its more about the food than anything else.

See this Australian Wagyu beef with a marbling of 8!! Incredible !

In it goes to the Sous Vide controlled environment….. @ 56 degrees celsius for 2 hours.

Like clockwork after we dumped the meat into this hot water bath, Omark went to prepare the other ingredients for the steak.

Pictures are taken using Omarks 5dIII and my Sony Nex-7. I cannot remember which pictures are using which.

I have this strong fire stove at home which blew flames at 1000 degrees celsius…..just joking, not that hot but it can help to create the smokey charred flavors we find in many chinese restaurants that we are not able to re create at home using our normal stoves. (Phew..did it in 1 sentence)

Omark had problems with it initially but nothing the man cannot master after a few minutes.

Smokey and filled with what the cantonese called “Wok Hei”. Perfect…..just perfect…..hmm maybe not so difficult after all, just fry normally and to finish it, crank up the heat to char it a little before serving.

I now know why my rice noodles are like carbon bits, burnt on the outside and uncooked on the inside…..i was on “1000 degrees” mode all the time…..

Next comes this cholesterol laden thing. Omark has successfully recreated this from one of my favorite restaurants !! 10 egg yolks, corn oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. And then vigorously mixed and beaten till thick, creamy and mayonnaise look-alike

Add some prawns to a wok and throw in the sauce. Fry till sauce looks slightly charred.

Prawns were slightly burnt as we were still unsure about the strength of the stove… Top of the dish with Tobiko and viola !! I ate 10 eggs that day.

After 2 hours, the steak is ready. Pan fried it on the wok for 5 seconds each side and we are ready to go !

Verdict : A perfect medium steak, pink on the inside and charred on the outside. I would recommend this way of cooking for any steak lovers.

Our rather pathetic try at plating the steak. But who cares ! I just ate and ate, thanks Omark for the adventures.

I realized that i forgot to take a picture of him. My palate was teased so much that i only focused on the food.

I slept very soundly that night.


  1. Hey bro, when is our next “Food Project”…? It was fun!! Have to make more good use of your powerful fire stove… Hehe… Thanks for the trouble!

    1. No no no. Look at what you have done for us ? We did nothing much….if not for you, i will still be trying to fry rice noodles at 1000 degrees throughout. 🙂

  2. looks delicious and it sounds like fun cooking with somebody, hihi.. you did well with the noodles and the steak – yummy… congrats! the asparagus stems maybe a bit overdone from this end. but dang, you’re not complaining… 😉 am afraid you’re learning to cook, achiever… hello and regards. 🙂

      1. forget about the asparagus… ^^ cook and cook and eat well, brother. if the weighing scale tips on the heavy side later, you can do running and exercise. if that ain’t your cup of tea, you can maybe blog about wanting to exercise but not having enough resolve to get up, go and shake the few pounds, hehe. 😉

        btw, did my advice sound delinquent? ahaha. 🙂 regards…

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