Dino’s Haircut @ Dhaka, Bangladesh

How long has it been since I last blogged ? 2 weeks ? 3 weeks ?

You may have noticed that I have added different headers in the blog. I realized that I have been blogging about my travels….mostly. But there are so many things that I would like to document, to write about friends, to write about fashion, cars and gears, things that i like.

Time to start in a proper way. Yeah, its just excuses to push myself to use the cameras (I spent a lot on them) !!….haha

Was in Bangladesh again recently, a short few days in the midst of the rainy season.. The Muslim New Year is also just around the corner. Couldn’t go out to walk the streets, so when Dino told me that he was going to get a haircut, it’s an opportunity to step out of the house 🙂

“How much do you pay for a haircut here ?” I asked.

“Jay Kay, very cheap……150 Taka (USD 2)…just cut and go”

Dino is a long time friend of more than 10 years. Work took him to Bangladesh and he’s been here for 4 years. A fantastic cook as well, but I write about that another time.

Took the stairs, twisting right and left before arriving at Relax Hair Fashion Saloon in Uttara area.

Stepping into the place is like stepping into the 70s with british looking floor tiles, the tiffany blue chairs, the grandma styled sinks……

The Chief Hair Stylist (Can I call him that??) was busy giving some boys a haircut. Looking at his own hair, I can imagine this will be the perfect place to get an “Austin Powers Yeah Baby” look.

Dino quickly settled into a comfortable position. See that bottle Chief Hair stylist has in his hands ? No, its not light fluid. But olive oil. He applied like 3 tablespoons on his scalp and rubbed some vigorously for like 5 mins before the space helmet came. I have no idea what its for but if Dino is happy, it must be good.

The tools of the trade. What’s that surgical tray doing there ? *suspicious*

And that tooth brush !!! I wonder how many customers has it seen……

“Why is he washing my hair so many times today? and why the olive oil, the strange smelling herbal shampoo, the space helmet ? Didn’t asked for them and never had them before….” Dino asked.

I counted that Chief Hair Stylist washed his hair 5 times.

A good arms-back massage after, the bill was 1,500 Taka. We were confused but we felt that it was a fair price given the amount of work and time spent by Chief Hair Stylist.

A friend chuckled “It’s the Eid holidays. He’s taking the opportunity to make money for the Muslim New Year”.

Ahhh, thats why ! Anything goes, as long as very one was happy.

Dino was happy……..Good to see you again 🙂

P.S Nex-7 with Voigtlander EM Adapter and Leica 24mm. Rather uncomfortable to use, difficult to focus, image quality suffers. Or is it just me ? Anyone has a suggestion ?


      1. i think that one can….but cannot ask him for recipe…cause he doesnt have one….. the typical “a pinch of salt”, “a dash of vinegar”, a “handful of water” person

  1. Wow, these pictures bring back lots of sweet memories of Bangladesh…my motherland. I dont remember cutting my hair ever in salon in BD, but always went with my dad when he needed a haircut…thx for sharing

    1. my next trip will be the barbers at the road side….i have heard that they squeeze lime for the juices to disinfect the scalp !! wonder if its true…maybe your dad can tell us 🙂

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