People @ Work x Random

Got the camera back after some repairs and spent the weekends trying to get used to it again.

Sometimes, i wish i still had my zooms… that i can stand in the corner and shoot, no one will even know i am there. But i realized the most powerful images are the ones where the subject is looking straight into your lenses.

They know your presence  and acknowledged you by looking at you. Need Guts ? Yes, and i sort of lost them over the weekend. So i snapped at people who are paid to be snapped at.(???)

I need to get back to taking pictures of people !!!

Instead, i need to get back to shooting these !!!! Help me find my guts again………please…..

Grandpa and his Grandson. Gave me a brief story of the place he live and how everyone is moving out.

Nothing to do with the topic……but is it necessary ? on a stone lion meant to be guardians of the land ?



  1. Your people shot as good as ever…! Especially the Grandpa & Grandson one… Didn’t know you got them! Haha… Nice!

  2. Landed on your blog by chance, and got sucked into trawling through your past posts. I usually lurk, but I really have to say … your street shots are amazing! And I like the way the world seems, through your lens.

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