Garden Festival @ Singapore

Garden Festival.

Reading those 2 words, the picture that comes to my mind is a place with lots of sunshine, flowers, trees, butterflies and insects, peaceful surroundings with lots of handsome hunks and bikini babes, together with a smoking hot BBQ ready to grill some succulent steaks…….wait…. its not a beach party……..that’s so wrong.

Or am I half right because the Singapore Garden Festival has lots of flowers, trees and hmmm…..but no sunshine !! Its all held indoors at the Suntec City Convention Center. Its an exhibition featuring people who are serious about their works of art and  their concerns for the environment.

My expectations were fully met, the place was amazing. Competitions were held to judge who can create the best fantasy gardens. Effects like a moving plants, serene music, smoky effects, waterfalls and rocks that mutate etc……….Its like a fairytale come true !!!

yes i know, i have dry, ugly and fat fingers.

Everyone wants to take pictures with these organic works of art…….

Though i understood nothing when the guy next to me said, this belongs to the “Angraecum Sororium” family. English please…….

The shows runs from 7 – 15th July 2012.

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