Balearic Islands : Mallorca !!

Am in Spain for few days for a meeting.

“Do you want to come visit us in Mallorca for a day?  “ A friend asked.

“We are having our pre-summer holidays, going on a yacht, enjoying the sun ….we can watch the Euro Cup……….the…” I couldn’t hear the rest.  The picture of pristine beaches, ladies in bikinis, or with no bikinis, hunks with perfectly sculptured 6-pack bodies comes to mind…. and lots of beer.

I looked at my pale pasty self, the “united nations” belly and thought, its time they see some sun!!!

Mallorca is part of the Balearic Islands, which also comprises of Ibiza. Friends tell me that its also the place where the Scandinavians, British and Germans come to play. Good, I wouldn’t be the only one who looks like a codfish on a plate. 🙂 1 day it is !!

Palma is where the boat resides. I can only show you bits and pieces of it.

“No photos of my boat on Facebook” look was plastered all his face.

Respect…I would show only bits and pieces ok ?

Thats not the boat 🙂

So where are you going for your summer holidays ?


    1. Indeed ! but i only touched the tip of Mallorca, that is Palma only….many parts of the island still unexplored. I wonder if i will ever have the chance again 🙂

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