Florence Part Deux, Italy

I have been here before, just 6 months ago. It is only now that i realized how small the city center is….everything still smell so fresh and familiar.

Look Left…..Tourists

Look Right…..Tourists

Look Front…..Tourists again !!

There are people everywhere in the center of Florence. You would have thought you were in some parts of American or China, going by the various languages that I heard. Tour groups are everywhere !! There isn’t a need to pay for a translating guide. Just pretend and tag along with the english speaking tour groups. I guarantee you that no one will notice.

No wonder its a haven for Street Artists and Performers……

Me tried to do more portraits-style street photography but its an off day for me. Everyone had their sunglasses plastered onto their faces…..Grrrr

See what i mean ?

Hot Hot Hot ! 32 Degrees C !

I love Street Artists ! But they are rather shy, I had my camera on my face for a few minutes but they did not even bothered…..I give up….

Cupid. Everyone wants to take pictures with him……

But take your time too to walk along the little lanes. No need for maps, you will always end up somewhere familiar.

It is also on these small streets that i found this old man. If i remember correctly, I saw him at the Duomo 6 months ago (Yes, i have super mega powerful memory..hehe) . Squeezed out of the main areas perhaps ? I suppose he had to settle for these lonely streets.  I would have spent more time photographing him if he allows…….

And you definitely will spot them. Chinese tourist rushing off back to their tour buses after buying their Louis Vuitton’s, Chanel’s and Prada’s !!

That smile on their faces…..how to explain……its like striking lottery ? except that you are paying…….


    1. Actually, i kind of like the buzz though it can be overwhelming sometimes with the tourists.
      But it presents many photo taking opportunities. And if I am to walk out of the center a little more, all is quiet and good again. Perfect !

  1. Great photos! Looking at your photos brings back great memories of when I was in Italy…Thank you for sharing.

      1. I didn’t get the privilege to visit Milan. I went to Naples, Rome, Tuscany and Venice. I believe anywhere you go in Italy it will just be beautiful, even if it’s all shopping….. but if you go to Milan you’ll have to let me know what it is like.

  2. Ah, this brings back fond memories of the trip my husband and I took to Florence 4 years ago. A funny memory – eating at a cafe on the street, and a passer-by snagging the entire bread basket off a neighboring diner’s table! Loved Florence (plus that’s our last name)!

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