Sham Shui Po @ Hong Kong

Hong Kong……am sick of eating, sick of shopping, sick of tall buildings, sick of drinking, sick of bars, sick of babe watching. (How can any one guy be sick of this ? But I did felt that way that day, that time, that moment.)

But I was itching to take pictures. 🙂 A few calls to some friends pointed me to Sham Shui Po.

“If you want to see everyday life, you cannot go wrong at this place”… Roadside makeshift stalls selling old electronic items.  An entire building of computers and gaming accessories. A wet fresh food market, a toy and fabric wholesale center, indulge in everyday food……..yup ! Almost everything !

I think i have been rambling too much in last posts…….so more pictures and less words…..

Take the MRT to Sham Shui Po station,…..and opps i cannot remember which exit it was. But check the map and exit at Apliu Street.

I worry when i see these overhanging air conditioning units……..they look like they are going to drop any moment.

This guy ate really slow………

Cigarettes make fish taste better……..

Fishes are all alive and kicking…..To showcase how fresh they were, the heads were chopped and displayed. Nothing special except that the fish was still trying to breathe….its gills were still moving after it was chopped.

I like his pose…..damn cool.

Now this shop houses a chinese physician. Very surreal to me because he has all these herbs (or weeds) that i have not seen before in my whole life. Its like the dark ages of Diablo 3 with a monk having his own healing powers.   Seriously !!! That looks like some roots of a really potent plant……..and that looks like sweet potato leaves. I saw 5 people in the queue.

So much happening in Sham Shui Po……have to make a 2nd visit 🙂


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