Jazz @ Marina Bay Sands

Its Jazz Week at Marina Bay Sands. This humongous building which has become the icon of Singapore with its spaceship, snake head-like thing on top of the 3 buildings. I wonder if the guys from Men In Black are going to convince me that its actually the spaceship of aliens……just like they did with the Space Needle Tower in Seattle.

Well, will show you some pictures of the place the next time. Mark and I are scheduled to shoot it end of June 🙂

In the meantime, some pictures of Jazz Week. I must say that after listening to these bands…..I went back and dug out all my Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Etta James’ CDs. Best songs for a long drive on a cool night.

This time round, i tried to use the pictures as it is as 35mm instead of my usual squares. Whats irritating is that this theme from wordpress that i chose, auto size them according to the browser window. You could click on each individual picture to view the bigger version. Anyone knows how i can solve this problem ? I want to make the pictures appear bigger on the page itself. And if squares are much better ?

Spent some time listening to this Jazz Quartet. I cannot believe that i forgot to ask what is the group’s name !!!!

Her voice is nice and mellow……….

That some brought books to read and immerse themselves in the nice surroundings……..*drool

Most eyes were on her. 🙂

The high ceilings throw back some wonderful echoes…….

A Double Bass !! Anyone keen to teach me ?


  1. If it’s any help – the pictures do come out much bigger when I read in Google Reader. Some more than twice the size here on blog.

    1. thanks for the feedback, good to know google reader shows the proper size…..but most still read it on safari on explorer i think…..shall email wordpress for some help 🙂

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