Skate Park @ Somerset

Can you remember the 1st time you saw a skateboard ? Well, I can. There was this common playground in the estate where all the kids gather. Then came these 2 kids with their skateboards zooming left, zooming right. Irritating, cause they are so cool that they had everyone’s attention…….. but fascinated me at the same time. That was 25 years ago.

I never managed to pick up the sport. Think my mum told me that it was because i have an awful sense of balance. I failed to get my motorcycle license as i keep failing off the 3cm high balance beam. Damn, i was sure i had the potential to become another Tony Hawk.

We were walking around Orchard Road when we came across a skate park and this group of kids zipping around in the hot sun.

Somerset Skate Park. we were told that its where beginners come to learn and polish their skills. And no, we did not see any 35 year old guy learning how to skate……they were all below 20 years of age, no 15 years, no ……was it 12 ?

Thanks for letting me take your pictures guys !

Its not easy to take these pictures with a range finder. There is no way for me to manual focus while they are on the move. Unlike my friend with the 5DIII and 70-200 F2.8 lens who was firing away at will. I had to focus on a particular distance and wait and snap, in other words, they have to appear in my viewfinder and at a certain distance.

I looked like a clown with this camera fixated onto my face. 🙂

Friend ended up with 400 plus pictures, I had 35 pics………

What do you think ? I think i did okay ?……….:)


  1. Not only did you do ok, your pictures are fantastic! Loves the color rendered by your Leica! Very classy, especially the one with the boy holding his green skateboard…

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