Race Day @ Nürburgring

The Nurburgring.

An awesome 20km track notoriously known in the motor racing community as being a technically difficult and well as physically draining race track. Does not help that its also one of the most dangerous track in the world.

Rumours has it that at least 1, die on the track every year. There is very little room for errors as the track is not so wide. There is the famous “Niki Lauda” corner where he suffered serious burns………All these which i suppose fuels it legend and makes it even more compiling for speed fans.

So what am i doing there ?? To watch a race of course !  No guts to go out on the track. Am extremely afraid of speed. I rather take a bus. 🙂

You have to know the track very well to get a good time here……Playstation 3’s Gran Tourismo will help…..

The winning car for the day’s 4 hour race.

I think she is faster than most of the men there that day. Who says racing aren’t for the fairer sex. They can even do better !!

Seriously, the only women spectators are there to support their boyfriends or husbands or brothers.

6 cars in a garage and 2 garages share a pump. It will be a big squeeze during pit time…….

See how close the spectators are to the cars ? In most other races, try getting to the pit. Your will be turned away the moment you even think about it. Its different here, you can get up close to the cars, the drivers…….which i think adds to its appeal.

“You take care of the tyres…..i will do the rest”

Danny owns European Speed Club. A exclusive race company that teaches you everything you need to know and makes it fun at the same time !

See where you go if you make a mistake ? very narrow tracks. This is one of the few areas where you can watch the race for free. Its just before the famous “Niki Lauda” corner.

Not everyone is interested though !!!

Relax before the race…….there is even time for couple bonding 🙂

That smile, he did really well for the day 🙂

…….trust me, its a real dog…….. Me had fun at Nurburgring !!!


  1. I love this track and the races that are held here. It is one of the oldest tracks in the world, and one of the longest. The 24hr race provides alot of action, so I’m quite happy that you got the opportunity to witness it. It’s an awesome place. 😀

  2. Loving the pics, especially the ones of the pit lane. You’ve really captured the spirit of the day and the people involved. I’m hoping to go there next year for the F1 so if there’s anything to look out for (apart from the cars and the drivers obv!) let me know! I went to the Monaco F1 race last year and sat on Le Rocher and the sound and whole atmosphere was amazing – I had a great view of the track apart from a bit being blocked by an inconsiderate tree that had decided to grow in front of me!

  3. I’m very envious of you! I’ve wanted to visit the Green Hell for a long time. I’ll get to the ‘ring someday. If you are into automotive lifestyle, you’ll likely enjoy my blog, I hope you get the chance to check it out.

  4. Sweet pictures! That was one of my favorite tracks from when I used to play gran turismo all the time. Ive always wanted to watch a race at the real place though!

      1. That’s awesome! If I ever get to go to Germany, I’ll keep that in mind! 😀

  5. Amazing photos! I loved all of them. One fact I liked about this race is that they actually let you come close to the cars. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Looks like you had a fun time there! 🙂

      1. I love the program, as a matter of fact i like all the NIK suite of apps. Try them free for 30 days but be prepared ;you’ll want to keep them once you try them.

      1. Back in the 1970s I designed, built and raced my own Formula Ford single seater races cars. Love racing, but now in my sixties am a viewer.

  6. Oh boy, this is like the mother and father of all racing tracks around the world! A visit to this place is right up there on my bucket-list. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them here.

  7. Nice pictures mate, though I would dub the Isle of Man as the most dangerous track in the world, with a death a year since they started however many years ago as well as only having 1 week of racing there each year. 🙂

  8. aah. the ‘ring. I have to go and drive there once. its on my bucket list. its scary i know..maybe that’s what attracts me. Nice pix there mate!

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