Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Central, Hong Kong

There are numerous hotels in Hong Kong. Most will prefer to stay in Kowloon side if they are on holidays or Hong Kong side if they are there for business. But I think the mid range hotels in Hong Kong all feels the same, the same small rooms, the same deco…heck, the bell boy could also be the same during my different visits there to different hotels. = Very Boring…….

There are now 3 choice i can go. Stay in a cheap hostel and enjoy the thrills of a communal bath, go very high end with a luxury hotel or try a Boutique hotel.

I went for the last option.

Lan Kwai Fong Hotel was voted the best boutique hotel in Hong Kong some time back. Right smack in Central at Kau U Fong, its also very convenient for business travelers. The cities’ most well known area for pubs and drinks, SOHO, LKF, are also just around the corner (10 mins walk).

Its about 15-20 mins walk from the Airport Express station. or a 5-10 mins ride by Taxi. A word of warning, Taxi drivers would loathe to take you to the hotel. Why ? Cause their meters would still be a the starting price when they reach, HKD20.

Or try taking the MTR to Sheung Wan station after you arrived at the Airport Express. 2 mins walk from Sheung Wan Station. If its the rush hour, you will face this mass of bodies.

And get ready to be sandwiched like sardines in a tin when boarding the trains. I wonder if she will be of any help with the “Stop” sign. Hmm, forget it….. just take the taxi…….

The room looks very nice with lots of oriental touches in the decoration but its rather small. And the view….what view ? Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, everywhere you look is the same. But i kind of like it as there are lots of rooftop gardens, i can people watch 🙂

Even the toilet doors look like those from an oriental cupboard.  Had to pause for a little while before i knew its the entrance to the loo. 🙂  I liked the multicolored pebbled wall as well, makes me feel happy. The only gripe i have is that the walls are a little too thin. Some one was knocking at the neighboring door at 6am in the morning, it went on and on for like 10 mins. robbing me of my precious sleep.

Grrr. Seriously, i wanted revenge, going to knock on the same door at 5am in the morning. I overslept.

Did not try out the other facilities of the hotel but i think they only have a restaurant and no pool…..

Walk down these steps from the hotel, you will come across this wet market. Its also one of the reason why i chose the hotel. I figured that if i do not have time to go around Hong Kong, the next best thing is to be close to the everyday happenings. Anything to do with food is always a good choice.

Fancy a pig trotter anyone ? You can try to cook some in your hotel ?

There are still many old folks in the streets…..maybe they are the heroes who refused to bulge when the big property companies come calling ? or do they just prefer to hand around the area ? I have to get in deeper the next time…

oohhhh…yes, have to talk about this before i end this post. Tai Cheong Bakery(泰昌餅家)’s eggs custard pie or 蛋塔. 5 mins from hotel. Super smooth, buttery biscuity crust………have to eat this hot and fresh out of the oven.

In other words, eat it the minute you buy it !


  1. yes, one can’t help but notice the old people in HK. now, why is that? ^^ ahaha, your pic of the rooftop is so typical. am afraid that’s the usual view, hehe. 😉

    HK for me is a busy, busy place with flashy cars coming out of old buildings and dressy people at night, ahaha. ^^ como estas tu, amigo? 🙂

    1. Muy Bien ! you are psychic or something ? cos i am in Spain now 🙂 I still love Hong Kong…its has like everything all in the same place…….especially the food !

      1. what the effin’! you got a dream job, boy… may i tag along, carry your tripod or something? lols! 😉 Spain is lovely and the men are good looking, haha.and the churches and buildings, etc. i’d like to go there (my sister and I ) before we die, haha… yes, I also like HK, i’ve seen the Kowloon part but I’d like to try staying there (away from the busy center). btw, will you go to Barcelona, too? 🙂

      2. ah, no? :c yes, i remember that was among your posts that got my attention when you were FP’d, ahaha. i like your pics there of the dark alleys and the gothic structures in the end – lonely, foreboding and sinister, haha. err, okey, majectic. 😉

        it is.^_^ it’s probably frenetic and likely your exercise consists of running within the airport tubes, haha, but most people (like me) would kill to take your place, hey. 😉 of course, i get more sleep than you do but i don’t get to traipse around Europe one week and then South East Asia the next, haha. 😉

        come by my site when you’ve the time. happily, there are several professional photographers like you who drop by there. ^^ you might get to click on their websites, only if you feel like… some of my favorites are lady fi, earl’s world and munchow. munchow is from norway and he sounds fatherly and wise, ahaha. regards! 😉

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