Cars + Models @ Singapore

I am crazy over cars.

Especially japanese imported ones. Particularly in love with the older generation of Japanese super cars like the Nissan Silvias, Toyota Supras and the Mazda RX7s. When you see 3 or 4 Nissan R34s speeding off along the highways, their double round tail lights makes them look like F-15 fighter jets flying off in formation……*drool….. Am I talking no sense to you here ?

So when Jason Tan of Team Driftmasters told me that he has a booth at the Singapore Import Night show in Singapore, I made my way back from Hong Kong…..nah…it was also time for me to go.

Toyota AE86, the drifting legend from the 90s.

Nissan Silvia S15 – My favorite car, 2 door, turbo driven, rear wheel drive. its at least 10 years old, too bad they aren’t releasing anymore new versions. Perfect for drifting which i am trying to learn…..which i sucked at. 🙂 Someone told me that i do not know the difference between right and left hand.

Then comes the cuties like this Doraemon themed car. Unless, I am a doraemon freak, i don’t think i can accept my everyday car to look like this, not matter how cool or how much attention that i am going to attract.

What is a car show without the car show models ? I was expecting that a lot of men will come to the show to see, admire or ogle at them. But what i did not really expect was that probably 50% of the men there were probably not there for the cars………how did i know ? They were armed with long range zoom cameras. 🙂 What are you thinking ? They are there to practice photography of course !!

see what i mean ?

And when Eva Skye and Melyssa Grace appeared, the whole place went chaos. These guys ran up, taking pictures at 12 frames/second and refuse to move from their spot. Those behind like us have no chance of taking any pictures. I turned and asked Mark. “When was the last time when you moved from one place to another, almost 80-100 people followed you ?” We stared at each other and said “Never”. This is the power of women over men. Respect.

Car parts ? What car parts ? You mean they were there ?

And if you are keen, you pay a sum of money and there is a private room where you can take private pictures……..

Back to the cars, there is also a section for remote controlled drift cars. Damn ! They do better than me in their toys than me in real life…….grrrr

I need to practice more often……..Jason…..when is the next class ?


    1. ahha…..a lot of people told me the same thing, but it could be my photography skills too 🙂 and also, i couldn’t get to take pictures of those in the pageant. I was completely crowded out !

      1. No! Definitely not your skills my friend! It’s how they look. I expect physically better-looking models! Not typical ones like them. Does that make me superficial? Haha

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