3km Walk : Singapore

For an urbanite like me, to walk 3km in a cosmopolitan city is like “duh”, i couldn’t find a better word for it. Reason being public transport is so efficient, I can easily take a bus from one location to another just 350m down the road. Why walk ?

But with a camera in hand, tiredness is easily forgotten, procrastination levels were low, in fact, its hardly noticeable. The main shopping district at Orchard Road, Singapore, famous among bargain hunters and high rollers. Wads of cash are passed from hand to hand at the Tods, Prada shops. I am pretty sure that its the only place in the world that you can find 3 big and grand Louis Vuitton boutiques within a 500m radius. Outside,  street artists lined the pavements and there were many activities lined up for the day, all trying to reach out to that little cash that you have.

Am going to skip writing about the shopping, rather i will focus on the people I saw during my 5 hours walk in the hot sun and 90%+ humidity. Orchard Road is also the friendliest street in Singapore…..people are smiling more, willing to pose a little for you. Try doing this just a few kilometers out, you are going to get furrowed eyebrows and glacier like stares.

70 year old man using his collection of huge beads as hola hoops. He started at 230pm. “Not tired ?” I asked.

“For money and for keeping fit!! ” he says happily before challenging me to a round of hula-hoops battle. I lost.

Some cultural show from Thailand. They looked nice and proper even after a couple of hours. How they do it in this sweltering weather ? I was sweating from pits to pits……

Eva Mendes on a bad day…..

Ballons for everyone !

Was super impressed with this guy. Three Strings he called himself. Check him out here on Facebook. Think he is not out for the money, just a stage to perform his love of the instrument, the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer. Phew, i said it.

Besides the middle finger, the “V” sign is also a favorite of Singaporeans. Loved the Spontaneity.

Scorching weather……

Its hard to try to strike up a conversation with someone who looked like this. Thus, the story is, I waited, she posed, I left.

He couldn’t wait his turn for his ice-cream,

Shd be “One High Price Store”. Loved the 60s look.

Men…..or rather…..boys….

Opps !!! We saw you !! Cute Little Fella…….


    1. You were there for 1 hour only !!!! by the way, i think now that we have broken the barrier with the use of cameras at the sushi place, its time to bring the real thing for our next visit. 🙂

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