Little India : Revisit

I have sold away or in the midst of selling away my Canon Gears. Why do that ? Well, things have not been the same since I discovered the rangefinder cameras. I used to just snap pictures of food, or my family and friends when we are on holidays. Now, I want to go out and take more pictures, I lugged my camera everywhere I go, thinking that there could be a chance to discover or capture a unique moment. I want to interact with the people, the environment and always looking forward to every photo taking opportunity. It seemed surreal. I never wanted to do that when i have my Canon, content just to zoom in from far, sort of disconnected. I cannot really explain, hmm….. head over heels ? No, i know……its voodoo. 🙂

Little India is something like that…….there is something here that keep drawing you back. The food, the people……You think you have seen it all (See my previous post) but there is always something new. This little hangout for India and Bangladeshi foreign workers fills the place with stories of loneliness, hardship, camaraderie from hanging out together, fights, crime, lots of drinking, taking hard work in their stride, their friendliness. Then, there are the Singaporeans who come with their usual shopping pastime …….Anyway, you can see some of the shots of the area by DareDevil 123, I would love to walk with him one of these days.

This man made my breakfast. Always game for a picture, look for him at New Madras Woodlands restaurant. I had to wait for him to adjust his apron and for him to comb his hair. 🙂

Appom !! or Appam ! Don’t really know the correct spelling…pancake like batter, cooked with coconut milk.

Hmm, seems like many of them enjoyed having their pictures taken 🙂

Wish i could ride a bike……loved the Tiffany Blue color on this.

Little india is also home to two of the biggest supermarkets in Singapore. Sheng Siong and Mustafa. The latter being a open 24 hours, one stop shopping paradise. They sell practically everything that you can think of for your home, from fresh seafood to perfumes to electronics, to air tickets to gold. Someone once told me that if I am ever feeling sick in the middle of the night, do not go to the A&Es of the hospitals….go to Mustafa. That’s how well stocked they are.

Yes, my friend, i am as lost as you are. I once spent 4 hours walking in Mustafa and i still did not finish going through their products.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. (phew)

Nope, its not the worm dance. These devotees are down flat on the ground, paying due respect for their gods.

Receiving blessings……

Go to the back of the Temple…I happen to chance upon the Temple giving out free lunches.

These offerings to Goddess Kali will be added to the rice mixture.

EIther this guy is so used to tourist taking pictures of him or he is just oblivious. I was there for like 25 mins and not once he looked at me. Dedication to his work I think……

The food is not particularly exciting but I could tell that everyone is really grateful. I didn’t try some, didn’t know how they will react, i did not see a single non-Indian at the back of the temple. Next time i will…..

Still many things to do here….I have yet to try and eat this guy’s Chapati !

Till next time……..


    1. Happen to chance upon this scene. A group of guys bought some seeds and left them on the floor….these pigeons gather out of no where ! They then proceeded to take pictures amid the birds…..I took a few shots and this was one of the better ones. hehe

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