A Little Bit of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka city is a mass of people, buildings, cars, rickshaws, food, rich, poor, noise, activities, life, love,……..all 25 million of them.

Just a little tiny bit of street photography while I am here………. There is just too much to see, too much to do 🙂

Streets of Dhaka 28

Streets of Dhaka 27

Streets of Dhaka 26Streets of Dhaka 25Streets of Dhaka 22Streets of Dhaka 23Streets of Dhaka 24Streets of Dhaka 19Streets of Dhaka 17I have no idea how the manage to get their sense of directions, everyone is going everywhere on the roads !

Streets of Dhaka 16Streets of Dhaka 21

Streets of Dhaka 20

Streets of Dhaka 18

Streets of Dhaka 13Streets of Dhaka 10Streets of Dhaka 11


My Favourite BBQ Guy !!!

Streets of Dhaka 07

Streets of Dhaka 08Streets of Dhaka 09Streets of Dhaka 06I was told these are internet cable lines……..really !!???

Streets of Dhaka 14

Streets of Dhaka 15


Streets of Dhaka 04

Streets of Dhaka 05Streets of Dhaka 01

A Child on the streets asking for money and asking for food…… I was surprised that she spoke rather good english.  Street hardened and persistent, she will not go till we gave her some money.

Cannot help but to feel lucky to be born where I am……….. Are we complaining for the sake of complaining ? While we are grumbling about the sushi meals that we cannot afford, about the fact that we need to wait 5 mins for the subway, about our telephone bills while we insist on having a smartphone……. Take a small step back, broaden our views beyond the computer and 4 walls, look around, breathe and think….

Are our expectations too high now ?


  1. Dhaka seems like one of the most crowded and craziest cities on Earth. However I heard that the true beauty of Bangladesh lies in the countryside, far enough from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Nice street photos you took!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement ! 🙂 The traffic is almost crazy, beats Delhi i think. i have heard about Cox’s Bazzar and the little island of St Martin, Hope to be able to visit one day !!

  2. I always feel like all Asian cities are kind of crazy in terms of traffic, but Dhaka really looks like it would beat all the others. Thanks for the awesome shots!

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