Pension Arunnikki Hotel @ Fukushima, Japan

What ?? You are going to Fukushima ?

What ?? You will be 80km away from the nuclear disaster site ?

What ?? You are going to turn green when you return !! and Eat no Sushi !!!

Yes, Yes and Yes !! I will eat Sushi !

I admit, it did worry me to hear about the disaster and its ongoing radiation leaks into the sea waters…. But i saw a few friends been up there and back and all looking fine and sexy…..well except for one who cannot stop biting his shoes… but it think its more him than the radiation.

Its the Golden Week in Japan and the japanese are out in throngs around the hot springs around the Fukushima area, yeh…who cares about radiation !!? The media actually made it worse than it actually is but then again, i have heard people saying that more things were actually hidden from the public… be fair, their lives are  moving on without much hassel… maybe we should not read too much into things……….but anytway,  Its was bad news for me then because it means i cannot get a hotel in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima !!!

Ended up at Pension Arunikki, in Inawashiro-machi. A good 45 mins drive from where we want to be.

Surprised as well because its a little cottage stay which i have been looking for and never had the courage to stay in ! I am a city boy ! Urbanarchiver ! Can’t stay away from town for too long !!

The hotel is cute and comfy, it feels like home and hits everything at the right spot. Rooms are great for a cottage stay, the living room has that Grandpa feel with a little fireplace, it helps when the person running the place, Mr Kohari – san looks like anyone’s grandpa with his long beard.  The place has books everywhere for you to laze the day away.

Mr Kohari prepares breakfast and even puts the hot water in your bath !

Pension Arunikki 26

Pension Arunikki 19

Pension Arunikki 21

Pension Arunikki 20

Pension Arunikki 09

Pension Arunikki 01

Pension Arunikki 02

Pension Arunikki 03

Pension Arunikki 25

The is the hot bath for males, which means you shower together in the area next to it, sitting on stools and then plunge yourself into this pool of hot water surrounded by men with little face towels and nothing else. Who cares about seeing naked bodies when i was shivering like there is no tomorrow ! the hot water bath is manly……no……heavenly !

Pension Arunikki 04

Pension Arunikki 05

The weather was pretty cold at night around 10 degrees. For those who are familiar with japanese toilets, they have heated seat covers which are a god send !! I dont have to brace myself for a cold chock and it even sprays a jet of warm water at “the area” for a little wash. Ahhhhh………

Pension Arunikki 11

Pension Arunikki 10

Inawashiro-Machi is essentially a tracking place with many look out points overlooking the mountains. Many people enjoyed driving up from tokyo and around. Look what we found !

When Mr Kohari – san says he is not preparing dinner as we did not ask for it earlier, it got us into a fix. There is practically nothing to eat around the area. The nearest is a 15 mins drive and its Ramen again !!….no !!!. This time round, we decided to eat in Nihonmatsu itself.

The people living in Nihonmatsu says they do not use any seafood from the Fukushima sea. Also, if you use a Geiger counter to check on the radiation levels, its the same as Tokyo. You probably get more radiation travelling on the plane….

Pension Arunikki 15

Pension Arunikki 14

Pension Arunikki 13

Pension Arunikki 16

Pension Arunikki 17

Horse Sashimi

Pension Arunikki 18

There was a little hesistation ordering sashimi at first, so we went for horse meat. Yes, you read it right, the japanese eat everything !!! How does it taste ? Its not gamey, pretty mild, in fact, it taste a little like a mix of tuna and beef.

Pension Arunikki 22

Pension Arunikki 24

Pension Arunikki 06

Cat is not too happy we stepped into its territory….the kitchen.

Pension Arunikki 23

Pension Arunikki 08

Pension Arunikki 07

This place has a lot of “Feel”…….but then, i am missing the hustle and bustle of the cities……

And its only been 2 days !

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