Leica M Typ 240 @ Beijing Club HK @ Savour 2013 @Tokyo Auto Salon

Whoa. I manage to lay my hands on the new Leica M Typ 240. The excitement caused my hands to tremble little but at the same time I was wondering how different it is from my beloved M9. I am no professional reviewer of cameras, what i write here will be based on my experience alone comparing the 2 cameras and its mainly emotional, yes…..and a lot of it has to come from sky high expectations when the thing cost USD6500-USD7000 dollars……

I will leave the technicalities about the different sensors, the in depth review, the ohhhssss and criticisms to him, him and him.

Should I post the events separately ? Nah, I will sound like a grumpy old man on a broken record about the Typ 240……that is, on repeat mode again and again and again. Great, lets put them all together, pardon the out of focus pictures !!! I have grown rusty having been away from the camera for sometime !! Do bear with the long post !

Ka-Chic Vs Ka-Toop

The first thing I noticed about the camera was the sound the shutter makes. Oh my God ? My M9 had a “Ka-Chic”, the crispy note not unlike that of an old antique camera. This thing………this new thing has a “Ka-toop” ? Is it broken ? It sounds like its constipated ? I love my “Ka-Chic” !!! Where’s did it go ? The feeling was not so nice, i felt lousy as i headed to Beijing Club in Hong Kong.

Hans Bachelor Party 05

Hans Bachelor Party 14

Hans Bachelor Party 31

Hans Bachelor Party 62

Hans Bachelor Party 27

Hans Bachelor Party 18

Hans Bachelor Party 65

Hans Bachelor Party 67

ISO 2500 Vs ISO 6400

Someone’s getting married and so they decided to celebrate by drinking themselves silly. Beijing Club is in the Lan Kwai Fong area and is one of the hottest club in Hong Kong today……..and with “hottest”, it admits members only. Ahh…..low light, close range… The M9 has a ridiculously nonsense ISO of 1600, the new M Typ 240 has 6400 !! ……With the 35mm Summilux, does it mean that i can bump up the ISO and skip the flash ?

Snap, Snap, Snap – 6400 – Very grainy

Snap, Snap – 2500 – Very grainy

Snap – 1000 – Grainy

Snap – 400 – Ah….just nice but its so slow, that i missed all the action…..*Grumble……and more “Ka-Toop” …..Zzzzz

Things are a little different when the flash came on. I have decide to risk my life snapping away with the blinding flash in close quarters in a club filled with about 200-300 people, lest the bouncers grab me by the neck and chased me out. The images ended up better than i thought and somehow it seems better than that of my M9 (with flash on too). Yeh. Whats the word ? Ah…the “Pop-up” feel of the images has more oomph 🙂

Focus Peaking

And oh yes, the lines….. Whats the magic of a rangefinder ? or What is it that we love about old cameras ? These lines makes me feel like i am using a Sony Ex or something. I now have to think alot more and while trying to find the lines, i forgot about my composition sometimes. A matter of getting used to ? Not to mention that these lines are sometimes ridiculously hard to spot if the contrast within the frame is not great. In low light, its practically non-existent. And in an event like this, no time for lines !!!!

Another thing, the Leica 90mms are not easy to use. The images are so small that focusing is not easy and most of the time, we need a tripod with it. Now with the focus lines, will the 90mm be easier to use now because of these lines and the focus zoom ? I must say it did help improve my 90mm images by a mile. But wait…I still need the tripod. Want to use it for street photography ? Forget it…..

Savour 2013 01

Savour 2013 02

Savour 2013 03

Savour 2013 04

Savour 2013 06

Savour 2013 07

Savour 2013 08

Savour 2013 09

Savour 2013 10

Savour 2013 11

Savour 2013 12

Savour 2013 13

Savour 2013 14

I need my meats and my fishes. So I do not understand this “My Garden” dish complete with “Soil”(Cocoa powder actually).

Savour 2013 15

Kondo-San. Very happy to meet the man who brought me around the Tsukiji market in Tokyo again. It has been like what ? 1 year? 2 years ? He will be heading a new restaurant this coming May 13. Good I need my sushi fix.

Savour 2013 16

Unedited – Photo as its taken.

Savour 2013 17

Unedited – Photo as its taken.

Savour 2013 18

Savour 2013 21

Savour 2013 19Savour 2013 is a 4 day event featuring the best of the best culinary experiences in Singapore. You will get to see celebrity chefs all in one place which is a good thing because we cannot afford to eat at them different restaurants every week ! Gourment markets bringing their top quality european and american foods. Wagyu ? Checked. Oysters ? Checked. Cheeses and Wine? Checked.  Weather looks good, how will the Typ 240 perform in the bright sun?


Much have been discussed about the sensors…..I had my doubts about the new sensor of the Typ 240 but frankly, I am fine with both after looking at the pictures. They still have the same Leica “feel”, the same “pop-up”. Any difference ? yes, if I were to nit and pick. But well, i could not decide which one i like better.

Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant will agree too…he looks happy.

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 01

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 02

Picture as it is. Setting Aperture to 1.4. Auto Iso and snap away. Stop dreaming Urbanarchiver, ISO6400 is just that…… Even if its the ISO25600 on the canon it does not work. Strange that the more you pay for it, the higher the expectations, no matter if that expectation is realistic or not. :0

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 03

Ahh….Much netter with the flash.

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 04

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 05

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 07

The Toyota Supra with the Veilside 4509 Kit. Looks fierce. I like !!!

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 10

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 11

I do not understand this.

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 13

I do not understand this either. A mobile disco with its loud speakers ? And smoke effect that comes along with it ? Ditto….Nada…..

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 12

Strange but True

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 14

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 17

We too,  need to practice our photography skills……

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 18

Don’t understand either.

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 19

Slammed and Flushed !

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 20

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 21

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 24

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 26

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 22

Tokyo Auto Salon Sin 23

Tokyo Auto Salon comes to Singapore this year. Was expecting more JDM cars, more booths featuring high performance add ons but instead all we get are more girls, more “homemade” photographers and even more girls. Kind of disappointed.

White balance

Why do i have a Canon DSLR feeling now ? At this indoor show, I was shooting in auto white balance. I think my M9 was more consistent in producing the same white balance for the same image over and over again. The Typ 240, i have this odd one out every 4-5 shots. Maybe its just me. Still need to learn more about the camera.

Video Mode

A very nice addition i must say. I can see myself exploring the full use of the M lenses with this function in the coming future. But without image stabilization, without panning zooms, I wonder if it will just be limited to taking videos of people during interviews ?

All right, all right. Sarcasm aside, I had great fun with the Typ 240 and i am looking very much forward to using the camera in video mode. The major differences to me are the new sensor and the higher ISO. But really, to upgrade to this from a M9 ? I say, get it if you are new to the Leica rangefinders.

And if you are an existing M9 user, there is no clear reason as to why you will want the new M. The expectations after waiting 4 years for this was not matched for its price, unless you count the video mode as being one. Men are creatures of habit, I know i am one, its hard for me to accept new things if the old ain’t broken or that I have grown use to working round its limitations. Strangely but surely, the Typ 240 is eating its way into my heart. I cannot explain it.

But who cares what I feel !! If you already own a Leica and its full range of M lenses, you will probably get it. The power of branding 🙂

Ka-Toop !!!

Update 5th May 2013 : I know why its eating into my heart….. Post-Processing. There are so many little surprises every time I do something to a dull picture. Whether is adjusting the contrast or the exposure. Something which the M9 could not give me. Niceeeeeeeee………….. 🙂


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