Xmas @ Orchard Road

Christmas. I have always enjoyed Christmas as it meant we are close to the end of the year. Time for me to unwind and time to enjoy all festive goodies like turkeys, roast beef, buffets, oysters……. And of course, not too much work as all my customers from the Northern Hemisphere would be on Holidays.

Orchard Road has been lighted up pretty nicely this year. in fact, I think this lighting up thingy started more than 25 years ago and all the malls will compete to see who has the biggest, best and nicest christmas decorations of the season.

Some spanish friends could not believe when i told them that all these decorations started more than a month before Christmas. “It’s to get people in the mood so that they will spend more” I told the bewildered faces…. 🙂

Xmas Orchard Day 01

Xmas Orchard Day 02

Xmas Orchard Day 03

Everyone wants to ring the bell inside this huge fake christmas tree……..

Xmas Orchard Day 07

Xmas Orchard Day 06

Xmas Orchard Day 05

Xmas Orchard Day 04

Part of the road is closed for the Christmas Celebrations. Its not everyday that you get the walk on one of the busiest roads in Singapore. I never knew how much dust and dirt was on the road, till i went home and had slipper marks all over my feet.

Xmas Orchard Day 12

Xmas Orchard Day 13

Xmas Orchard Day 10

Xmas Orchard Day 11I found my street performer friends…..somehow money is hard to come by……or was it the hot and humid weather ?

Xmas Orchard Day 09

Xmas Orchard Day 15

Xmas Orchard Day 14

Xmas Orchard Day 16I found the Romans again !!!

Xmas Orchard Day 17

Xmas Orchard Day 18

Xmas Orchard Day 19

Xmas Orchard Day 20

I reckon that all the camera shops must be having a good time with their sales. People are enjoying taking pictures of everything…..the christmas trees, the stairs, and even empty paper cups…….Every where i turn, i see a compact, a dslr, some flashes and even a Hasselblad !!!

Xmas Orchard Day 21

Xmas Orchard Day 22

Xmas Orchard Day 23

Xmas Orchard Day 24

Xmas Orchard Day 25

Xmas Orchard Day 26

Xmas Orchard Day 28

Am trying to get into the mood…..feels lazy……

Xmas Orchard Day 29

Xmas Orchard Day 30

Xmas Orchard Day 31

Xmas Orchard Day 32

Xmas Orchard Day 35

Xmas Orchard Day 34

Xmas Orchard Day 33

Looking forward to the New Year…… Merry Xmas Everyone !!!!

Written by urbanarchiver

Curious about things around me, interested in photography, likes to eat, read comics, cut out newspaper articles, me travel a lot, like to crack lousy jokes, likes to be alone, trying to run a mile in 20 mins, hate chill peppers, crazy for fashion, not enough money, has a Leica, like contradictions.


  1. Thank you for sharing these Christmas moments… The other half of the hemisphere wishes you a wonderful 2013… Or were you referring to the other, other half? You re right in between!!

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