Oysters @ Hai Loong Marineculture

Oyster farming in a tropical country ? Never knew of it, never heard of it. Documentaries i saw on television only highlight that you need a nice current that circulates, a cool temperature etc……But in tropical waters ?

I remember reading about Hai Loong Marineculture a year ago and was already piqued enough to want to make a visit but I either did not have the company or the time. It slipped off my mind until i had cravings for fresh oysters 2 weeks ago…….I dreamt of my visit to Paris 🙂

Siegfried and Fanny replied to my email and that they are ready for visitors again…well… only some visitors…… Lucky Us !

Hai Loong Marineculture 01

Hai Loong Marineculture 02

Hai Loong Marineculture 05

Hai Loong Marineculture 04

Hai Loong Marineculture 03

Siegfried’s told us to get to Mamam Beach on Pulau Ubin. Which means we have to take a 10 mins boat ride from Changi Jetty to get to Pulau Ubin and track for 20 mins or so to the other side of the island. David exclaimed that he could not ride a bicycle for nuts, Steve and I complained that we did not have breakfast yet, Mark’s cameras looked really heavy. Procrastination works, we took a minivan cab (that feels like it could be converted into a part time ambulance) for SGD12 to Mamam Beach. Grown Men indeed.

Hai Loong Marineculture 06

Hai Loong Marineculture 07

The farm is just like 150m from Mamam beach and if you are brave enough, you can swim across. I wouldn’t. 🙂

Hai Loong Marineculture 08

Hai Loong Marineculture 12

Hai Loong Marineculture 13

Hai Loong Marineculture 09

Hai Loong Marineculture 15

Hai Loong Marineculture 16

Siegfriend and Fanny brought us on a small tour of the farm. Steve, in particular has so many questions that it made me felt seasick or was it the floating platform?  The oysters they rear are of the Pacific breed. See the difference in colours between the local oysters and the pacific ones ? The brown and suspiciously looking big piece is the local one, I will not even contemplate eating it raw.

Hai Loong Marineculture 10

Hai Loong Marineculture 11

Catchment tanks with UV lights as a holding place for the oysters before they are delivered. I forgot the names of my 2 friends but they rather excited to see guests on the farm….its does not happen everyday i guess 🙂

Hai Loong Marineculture 17

Hai Loong Marineculture 18

Hai Loong Marineculture 19

Hai Loong Marineculture 21

Hai Loong Marineculture 20

Hai Loong Marineculture 22

Hai Loong Marineculture 25

Hai Loong Marineculture 23

Hai Loong Marineculture 24

The moment I was waiting for came 2 hours later.  How many of us had the chance to eat oysters so fresh and live from the sea ? Unlike Steve, my questions were answered when i had my first bite. Sweet, succulent, meaty, salty with a little hint of metallic aftertaste…..Perfect !

Flower crabs are in season as well, and these are Fanny’s beer accompanying food.We would have finished the plate if Siegfried did not tell us that their favorite activity is to sit on the couch and taking their time to finish the crabs 🙂

This is the last oyster farm left standing in Singapore……..and i now know where to get these Pacific breeds should i crave for them again.


Thanks Siegfried and Fanny ! 🙂



By the way, you can order Oysters and have them deliver to your home if you are having a party, just in time for Christmas ! Contact inquiry@hailoongmariculture.com.sg


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