Illumi Run Singapore 2014. Screams and more Screams

You know things are getting a little weird when you signed up for a 5km run and you see only handsome hunks and sweet young things around you at the starting point…..

The fact that I am closing to 40 makes me feel even more out of place….. So this will not really be a 5km run. Am hitting the heavy scales on the 85kg and I thought it would help to lose some weight….But….Nooooooo……

Basically, its a 5km walk….with weird people using their Nerf-like water weapons and shooting various colour paints at you as you walk past their stations…. 5 such stations and we got splashed 5 times in different colours.

Wait, its not as bad as it sounds. Some of the 35 year olds were beginning to have fun as we went along. Wayne’s target at the end was that he wants all the 5 colours and would like to see how his T-shirts look like at the end of the walk. Don was transported to his childhood with his silly smiles……… Deon and WZ were busy avoiding all the paint. “Spotless” was their aim….futile efforts……. With the way its planned, none can escape. And you will look like a spoilsport if you reroute yourselves by climbing over the barriers and onto the road.

I got hit in the face and in the ears which i did not realised till I had a Q-tip moment the next day.

There happening music all around, and all the DJs were females. I wonder if its the trend these days and boy…..they were good. Its more like a halloween party than anything else.

What I did not anticipate were the screams and then more screams……then some shouting, shouting screams and then screams….all in euphoric excitement. All this were like in the distant past…I mean, no one does this when you are sitting in the office right ?

Was I the same when i was a 20 year old ? Hmmmm……….

Illumi Run 2014 01 Illumi Run 2014 02

Old man Style….customary Coffee before doing anything…..

Illumi Run 2014 07 Illumi Run 2014 08 Illumi Run 2014 09 Illumi Run 2014 10 Illumi Run 2014 11 Illumi Run 2014 12 Illumi Run 2014 13 Illumi Run 2014 14The screams starts now…..

Illumi Run 2014 16 Illumi Run 2014 15 Illumi Run 2014 20 Illumi Run 2014 19 Illumi Run 2014 22 Illumi Run 2014 23 Illumi Run 2014 24 Illumi Run 2014 27 Illumi Run 2014 28 Illumi Run 2014 29 Illumi Run 2014 30 Illumi Run 2014 32 Illumi Run 2014 33 Illumi Run 2014 34 Illumi Run 2014 35 Illumi Run 2014 36 Illumi Run 2014 37 Illumi Run 2014 38 Illumi Run 2014 39 Illumi Run 2014 40


Fun !!

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