Manhattan, New York on a SkateScoot :)

Everyone i know tells me that Singapore should have a bicycle lane or 2. “Just look at New York !!” They say. Everyone is getting around in bicycles and in these cool little skatescoot boards. They are environementally friendly, no carbon footprints, blah, blah, blah.

This time round, i ended up in Manhattan and i have to see this for myself. No…. better still, I have to try it out myself !!! And off to Paragon Sports (nearest to my hotel), got myself a Xcootr, a foldable scoot and with a belt, it can be transform into a snug little sling thing to carry around in the subway. Its only 5kg….a bag of rice…manageable… :). It was the last piece they had and its on display and so i got it for a 15% discount. Extremely pleased with myself. Helmet ? Am slower than 18km/h so no need for it. All things checked !!! Am good to go !!

“Are you sure you want to put all these into one post ? Its more than 60 pics !!! Those fellas who access on phones will kill ya”

As usual, i only had 1 day and it was how i travelled around Manhattan the whole time. Anytime I wanted to stop and visit, i just have to fold it up and sling it across the shoulder. But no one told me how freaking destroyed I will be at the end of the day !!!! I couldn’t feel my legs !

New York Skate Scoot Itinerary

So this was my route more or less. I did not plan or think that there are actually slopes….uphill. This was the most tiring part. Bicycles were swishing by me. It must have amused them to see this middle aged man, panting at the side on the street, kicking like a baby in his small little feet. On the other hand, it felt really good to be rolling downhill with the wind in my face.

Started at the Empire State building and headed towards the glam glam shopping of Fifth Avenue and then Central Park. And no, i did no touristy thing, which means i did not pay to go up for the views. Damn….there must be like hundreds of touts on the ground trying to sell you tickets for anything touristy….

New York Central Library 1

New York Central Library 2

Went past the New York Central Library. I always wanted to visit this place after watching it on several movies, most of all the Rose Main Reading Room which was to my dismay, closed for works…….

New York Central Park 1

See my Xcootr ? Super Cool.

New York Central Park 2

New York Central Park 3

New York Central Park 4

I have a conclusion. Everyone at Central Park is gorgeous.  Don’t believe me ? Take a look. Everywhere I turn are some half naked muscle toned dudes playing frisbee or bikini babes lying in the sun with their Chanel sunglasses. What’s wrong with this place !!????

New York Central Park 5

New York Central Park 6

New York Central Park 8

New York Central Park 9

New York Central Park 10New York Central Park 7

And oh….. there are some famous jogging tracks with the longest at 7miles or something.  Seeing that there are bicycles for rent, there must be good to ride around at this place. But….. #@!!!???! slopes again and more slopes !!!! I gave up halfway and headed for the nearest exit.

There were many gorgeous people jogging as well. And again….What is wrong with this place !!!??? Most of them are not casual joggers !! They are fast and fit and beautiful. It aint no place for a beginner ! Some are even faster than me on my scoot !

New York B&H 1

New York B&H 2

I sort of got lost for a while until i stumbled upon my holy shrine at 9th avenue. The temple of camera porn, B&H.  It’s an amazing 2 floors of camera stuffs, both commercial and obscure. Decided that i do not want to stay long…….the longer I stayed, the more I spent !!!!

New York Chelsea Market 01

New York Chelsea Market 02

New York Chelsea Market 03

After fumbling for a little, I reached Chelsea Market. “No Padding in Here” booms the security guy…..yeh…i forgot.

New York Chelsea Market 04

New York Chelsea Market 10

New York Chelsea Market 11

New York Chelsea Market 12

New York Chelsea Market 05New York Chelsea Market 06

Believe me, all those crap that you have been eating back in Asia ? This is the real deal… Canadian Maine Lobster. White meat, firm and springy. If its less expensive, I would have gone for the full 3.5 lbs mother load.

New York Chelsea Market 07

New York Chelsea Market 08

And then I met this guy. I forgot his name but he was nice to explain about those oysters that he has. Where they are from, ….blah blah…describing the taste…blah blah. He could go  on and on. But no words can describe the proportion of sweet, succulent, sea-salty, juicy, metallic, nutty, I have to taste them myself.

New York Chelsea Market 13

See how much i spent ??? No more budget for dinner. But look at the time of the receipts. I devoured my 6 oysters in less than 2 mins and then asked for another 6 more ! I love Kumamoto !!! Sounds like I am in love with a guy but thats the name of my favourite oyster from all that I ate.

New York Chelsea Market 09

New York Chinatown Little Italy 1

New York Chinatown Little Italy 3

New York Chinatown Little Italy 4

Chinatown is next. Doesn’t this reminds you of Hong Kong ? Most speaks Cantonese around here.

New York Chinatown Little Italy 2

New York Chinatown Little Italy 6

And right next to Chinatown is Little Italy. Feels really weird that its all china one part and then the street across are Italian restaurants and gelato.  Shall head down to the Financial District just to take a quick look and then back up to Mid-Town.

New York Union Square Market 01

New York Union Square Market 02

New York Union Square Market 03

New York Union Square Market 04

New York Union Square Market 05

New York Union Square Market 06

New York Union Square Market 07

New York Union Square Market 08


I have no idea whats she so happy about…..and the boy….duh !!


New York Union Square Market 10

New York Union Square Market 09

Heading back, I stumbled upon the Union Square Market. Its hip to be organic these days. Everyone is selling these at such higher prices. They look really ugly, but I suppose that they are really good for you. My Grandma never ate organic and she’s 94…..go figure.New York Times Square 01

New York Times Square 02

New York Times Square 03

New York Times Square 04

New York Times Square 05

New York Times Square 07

New York Times Square 06

A visit to New York is incomplete without a trip to Times Square. There were really lots of people.  My Feet were procrastinating in pain by now. I couldn’t feel my knees.

“You want picture of my tits ? Pay first”. I didn’t, heck…..even the statue of liberty is asking for money. and Yes, i do know that the national debt is around USD 13 trillion 🙂

New York Times Square 08

New York Times Square 09New York Times Square 12

New York Times Square 11

New York Times Square 10

Batman and his Voyeur are the coolest.

New York Bobby Van 1

New York Bobby Van 2

New York Bobby Van 3

Piece of meat at Bobby Van’s. Beef Tenderloin on a bed of asparagus topped of with crab meat in Hollandaise sauce. It was good but a tip….keep it simple guys !! Order the basic steak ! You cannot go wrong at this place 🙂

I have to head back to hotel now……or else I will not be able to make it. Been skate scooting and sight seeing from 9am till 6pm. Yes, It was a pain to have a Leica round the neck, a fully loaded back pack of shopping and the skate. But i am in love with it. The skate allows me to cover so many places in that little amount of time. All these are done in a day !  Will gladly do it again in any city !! 🙂 Enjoy the photos guys and gals 🙂

New York Streets 2

New York Streets 3

New York Streets 5

New York Streets 6

One thing i must say though… watched all those CSI, 24 hours, blah blah blah ? Its true, the streets of New York are full of the sirens of police cars or ambulances. Not a single hour goes by with you hearing it at least once. Its part of the city and just because we have hear so much of it on television, these sirens were neither surprising or alien. It fact its makes New York so much more familiar….as if i have been here for a long time. 🙂

New York Streets 7

New York Streets 4

New York Streets 1New York Streets 9

And for those grumbling about a lack of bicycle lanes in Singapore……… A majority of the streets of New York have 5 to 6 lanes, That’s why they can afford to zone one out for bicycles. Stop trying to say that you can carve out a 30cm bicycle lane out of a single bus lane…..just does not work !!

Strangely……the whole day….. i was the only one in the scoot…….


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