La Boqueria Market @ Barcelona

The blog started with the post about Barcelona and i have been back numerous times. Eating, Shopping, Sight Seeing….i have done quite a bit of those things. I have a strange affinity for this city….just that my camera doesn’t !!! Its either I forget to bring  the  camera or the batteries every time i am here !

Decided to stay right smack in La Rambla this time. Reason being I wanted to experience whats its like living next to the La Boqueria market. To experience the sights, smells and sounds 🙂 I was not disappointed.

9am. At one of the open air Cafe in the market.  (Don’t worry about which one to go….they are pretty much the same)

“Bacadillo Iberico y Cafe Con Lecce, Por Favor” Gees….i was feeling pleased with myself for saying that.

And then “Pulpo ala Galica”……and then “Patatas Bravas Y Gambas Alio Olio”

930am. What the hell……i have to stop…i need to get out of the Cafe.

La Boqueria 20

Am losing touch with my writing skills…..shall just let the pictures do the talking….

La Boqueria 01

La Boqueria 02

La Boqueria 03

La Boqueria 04

La Boqueria 06

La Boqueria 07

We know Barcelona is a fashion city……. love this guy already !!

La Boqueria 08

La Boqueria 09

La Boqueria 10

La Boqueria 11

La Boqueria 12

La Boqueria 13

La Boqueria 14

La Boqueria 17

La Boqueria 18

La Boqueria 19

The stall owners/workers are probably used to tourists snapping a picture here or there. They actually couldn’t be bother about you and your camera and just carried on their daily activities….but linger on too long and they might “shoo” you away.

La Boqueria 21

Padron !!!! My Favorites !! Looks very spicy but is in fact without spice !! likely grilled with sea salt…….am in heaven !!

\La Boqueria 22

La Boqueria 23

La Boqueria 24

La Boqueria 15

La Boqueria 16

Look at all the food, Its better to stay in a service apartment with a full kitchen. Imagine cooking with such fresh and wonderful ingredients ! There are a few such apartments in Rambla and I think one will not regret !!

Yum !! Shall do that next !

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