Roast Pork Recipe x Deon Woo

It was a hectic mess…..

“Are you sure we can try 3 recipes in 1 day ?”

Deon – “Why not? Lets go ! Now ! NOW !!!”

And so it began. I love all things pork, more than i like fishes, beef and least vegetables (yuck). Braised, Pan-friend, Deep-fried, Sous Vide, Chilled, Sashimi (Believe me, i have done it). Roast remains a favorite.

Deon decided to try all 3 recipes that we have gotten from the internet and friends…all at the same time……

Sous Vide + Roast

Wet Rub + Roast

Dry Rub + Salt + Roast

Roast Pig Recipe 23

Roast Pig Recipe 20

Roast Pig Recipe 27

Roast Pig Recipe 40

Sous Vide on the left….failed…

Roast Pig Recipe 39

The aim was to achieve the most flavourful fresh piece of pork meat with the crispest mother of all cracklings. Went to the market and got ourselves a 3.3kg piece of belly. Oh, and get the left belly, assuming that most pigs are right handed( legged !!), the left side moves less and has more tender meat…..if you believe that is………

Check out the video we did, with Deon’s mum back view in a short cameo. The sous vide failed, because we did not have enough time. Am sure it works, but its too much effort when its taste almost the same with the other two recipes !!! The wet rub was over the top, taste too strong and the skin was not crispy enough. I mean, we get the *crack, *crack but when compared to the salt roast, it sounded like a feeble cat.

Salt topping wins hands down, not only does it dries out the skin and prepare it for the ultimate roast. It also locks in the juices. At the end, we have a deliciously piece of savoury meat with enough bite to give the jaws a fine workout, spurting out it juices……going “Crunch !! Crrrraaacccck ! Crrruuncch !!..”

Yup, it lasted 3 bites, cannot help but to devour it .

Salt Baked Roast Pork Recipe

  1. Get a piece of meat
  2. Apply 5 spice powder, salt on meat part. Roughly 2 tablespoons of 5 spice power and a little salt. Deon does not go with measures…..he went by “feelings” as he called it.
  3. Flip it over and put it in a tray made with aluminum foil
  4. Prick the skin all over.
  5. Leave in fridge for 7 hours
  6. Remove from fridge, prick all over again
  7. Brush a layer of white vinegar
  8. Cover entire top with generous amount of rock salt
  9. Roast at 200 degree celsius for 60 mins.
  10. Remove salt top (Its hot !!)
  11. Let Meat rest for 30 mins
  12. In it goes again for 15-20 mins at 225 degrees. Skin closer to the grill.
  13. Remove, scrap off burnt bits.You can repeat step 12 and 13 for another 2 times to get a more even crackling but its not necessary.
  14. Cut them chunky (Yes, it must be chunky !!) and serve
  15. Eat with hands

Yum !


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