Pink Dot 2013 @ Singapore

I think i am losing it. Lost my guts somehow. Its been a few months since I last took any photos off the street. What a better time to start again with Pink Dot 2013.

Pink Dot Singapore 2013 is a once a year initiative calling for an inclusive society, the rights the freedom to love for all, no matter if one is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or a Transgender.

I only had an hour before i have to rush off for another gathering, but what the hell, its an event that I cannot miss. This year the turn out was a massive, record breaking 21,000 people to be held at Hong Lim Park on 29th June. They came with picnic mats, wine, food, drinks, costumes, songs, celebrities….everything !!!

The weather has been most compromising. The haze did not come back and the sunset gave the event a nice warm glow.

“What ? You are not staying for the light up ? Its the best part !”

Everyone, all 21,000 people will be given a mini torch with pink lights and they will light up altogether all at once. I am sure it will be amazing and it was, judging from this post production video (see below) of the event which i took off pinkdot.

I took pictures of whatever i can during that hour and requesting people to pose for pics. I found my guts again. 35mm…had to get real close !

I am sure I fit in pretty well. I was in pretty pink !!!

Pink Dot 2013 07

Pink Dot 2013 04

Pink Dot 2013 06

Pink Dot 2013 05

Pink Dot 2013 03

Pink Dot 2013 02

Pink Dot 2013 08

Pink Dot 2013 09

Pink Dot 2013 10

Pink Dot 2013 14

Pink Dot 2013 11

Even pets joined in the celebration !!

Pink Dot 2013 12

Pink Dot 2013 13

My favorite cotton candy and its in pink !!

Pink Dot 2013 15

Pink Dot 2013 16

Pink Dot 2013 28

Pink Dot 2013 17

Pink Dot 2013 19

Pink Dot 2013 20

Nando’s Chicken.

Pink Dot 2013 18

Pink Dot 2013 22

Pink Dot 2013 23

Pink Dot 2013 24

Pink Dot 2013 25

Pink Dot 2013 21

Famed local stage director Ivan Heng

Pink Dot 2013 26

Pink Dot 2013 27

Pink Dot 2013 29

Pink Dot 2013 32

Pink Dot 2013 30

Loving the “Pop-Up/Out” feel of the new Leica M Typ 240.

Pink Dot 2013 35

Pink Dot 2013 34

Pink Dot 2013 33

Here is the video that i was talking about. Looking for the credits but didn’t seem to find it. Shall credit to just pinkdotsg. 🙂 Youtube link is here. Check it out at the 2.52 mark. The light up was mazing !!! Wish i was there !!!

Pink Dot 2013 37

Pink is now my favorite color !!


  1. YAY!!! thanks for taking a pic of my cat!
    you have lots of great photographs here, especially those cast in the golden lighting! keep shooting! 🙂

    1. Cannot believe you found me…thanks for allowing me to take your picture…and that of your cat that day ! Thanks for the encouragement and Will keep shooting !

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