Le Petit Hotel @ Montreal +- 5km

Back in Montreal within 6 months. Am just glad that it’s early november where its not so cold and there are no minus temperatures. 🙂 Weather was pretty good actually the 3 days i was there.

Am not so sure what to do in Montreal, i mean, I was told that if i want to see old architectures, they are all in Europe ? And that i should explore Quebec instead…. go out to the wilderness, visit the cabins and hunt some black bears? Er…..lets just say 3 days is not enough for that.

But I have wonderful memories of this place. I was last here 14-15 years ago as a student. Back then,  I met up with many friends, made new friends, slept thru half of the trip due to jetlag, went to the little chinese cafes where i had my cheap student dinners, seeing snow for the 1st time, had “frozen face” for walking too long outside  at -15 degrees celsius, watching movies at St Catherine’s….

Montreal will always be a special place for me.

Was staying at the fashionably hip Le Petit hotel in Montreal.

Situated along Rue St Paul Ouest in old montreal, its a gem of a find. The hotel is surrounded by art galleries and fancy restaurants. Its has the atmosphere of a hip bar where the coolest people hang out. The hotel staffs are extremely friendly and helpful. I was made to feel right at home the moment I stepped thru the door, of course, with them being good looking and beautiful helps. I hope you can understand what i mean.

“Zen” music fills the air  when i opened the door, very hip. The rooms are huge. I mean, if you have stayed in the hotels at Opera in Paris, you will know that the room consist of a bed and a walkway of the same width. In my room at Le Petit, its like 5-10 times the size of that !!

Breakfast is also decent. Croissants, yoghurt, fruits……

Within a short walk of Le Petit is Chinatown, not sure how far, maybe 3-5 km away. OK, its nothing spectacular like those in New York or Vancouver but its a place I have been 15 years ago. Looks like nothing changed except for the shops.

Ahhhh…Beef Congee on a cold sunday morning……memories……

Somethings does not change. I feel like a 20 year old again 🙂


  1. Your pictures are lovely. I experienced the same thing when I was in Paris. Looks like I’ll have to trek to Montreal!

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